Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Moby Dick in space!

Soo, I was playing whale-hunter the other day, and caught me a big fat ORCA!
But funfact: Orcas are called "Killer Whales" but they are actually part of the Dolphin family. ;)

I had been out taking care of the gazillions of snowflakes that had found it necessary to land on my yard, thus creating meter-high snowpiles.. and what better way to wind down and relax then fly some spaceships!?!?

So I logged on and found only "Jaxxon Voers" and "Kyle Langdon" active in our system, and as both are corpmates I cant really shoot em.. much.
But a roam to the nearby busy "Old man star" felt too taxing, so I took out my old Harbinger and flew it to a ninjaspot near the highsec gate in the system.

Usually you have a scout on the other side of the gate, so you know when something is about to jump in, and what it is.. but I felt silly and just wanted to attack whatever came, be it a huge factionwarfare blob, or a lone hauler.

But nothing came through.
It was just us three Pythons in local doing nothing really.. chatting a bit and maybe browsing something silly with the in-game browser :)

But suddenly local went up by one, and i quickly hit the warp button.
Pulse went up, excitement on what was going to materialize..
Waited.. nothing.. "cant be a threat to me, as he dares not decloak, or he is waiting for friends" i thought.

Suddenly slightly below me the massive hull of an Orca materialized.
Many thoughts rushed through my head, "Is he alone, naah cant be.. can I take him? not likely as this ship cant tank gateguns for too long and they usually have a worthy tank.." etc etc..
But fuckit, I can always warp out if it wont work.. so I locked and warp-disrupted him.

-I shouted in corp-chat, and though my friends got excited, they did not have any big ships in system.. (we´re in a vacation-system atm so not everyone has thier entire ship-selection here)
But being the warriors they are, they came to lend what help they could, Jaxxon in a Thorax and Kyle in a Rifter.
-The orca had some ECM-600 drones that actually broke my lock initially, but as it is slow to align and warp I managed to get the point back on before it got away.

The gateguns were hurting me badly, and with only one repper my Harbinger was going into structure now.. everything had been overheated and red warningsigns lit up the cockpit.
"I have to bail, trying to go get a bigger ship.. hold him if you can, but take no risks in vain"
-I said as I warped off to our station nearby..
And held him they did.
Kyle managed to bump him with the Rifter, so that he could not align to gate or other objects, while Jaxxon tanked the gateguns and kept a point in his hero-tanked Thorax.

Never has the "wait 20+ seconds in station before switching ships" felt sooo long.. But finally my Armageddon-class battleship lumbered out of the docking bay and warped to the gate as fast as it could.
I landed and locked it up again, relieved that it was still there, and Jaxxon warped off with his ship trailing fire. He told me later that he had not been able to hold out many seconds more.

Now with the superior tank of the Armageddon, and Kyles bumping keeping the Orca from getting back to the gate it was just a matter of shooting it to pieces.

And shoot it I did.

(The wreck of the Orca)

Sadly the loot-gods did not look kindly to killing endangered dolphin-whales so the rewards were bad, but the encounter was worth many millions to the three happy pirates.

Much cheering was had, and 15 seconds after we left the gate our esteemed leader mr "Spectre3353353" came online.. and so we got to tease him that had he been just a little faster he could have had the joy of killing an Orca.
-He blamed hot coco or something.. :)

I want to thank my Harbinger for taking such a beating and still flying, Jaxxon´s hero-Thorax and Kyles mad bumping-skills. *salute*

(What is left of my Harbinger)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dramiel 101

I´ve seen some forumposts and blogs about the Dramiel lately, so I thought I´d share what I know of this awesome ship.

First, read Skye´s blog.
That is the AC fit.

Then go to contracts, type in "DRAMIEL" and get one close to you, or go to Jita where most seems to be.
-While in Contracts screen, type in "Gistii B-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive" and buy one of those too.
Some might get cheap here and opt for a normal MWD, but it is the key factor for this fit, as it allows you to be cap stable, zipping around at 6000m/s laughing at anything trying to catch/shoot ye.

For the rest of the fit, I opted to go with Jaxxon´s Arty fit, as I saw him topping the damage-charts on it when the Pythons did Amamake (look at dec 8:th)
And I liked the idea of staying further out if in a gang and target being tackled by others.

[Dramiel, Arties]
Micro Aux Power Core
Tracking Enhancer II
Overdrive Injector System II

Gistii B-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive
Warp Disruptor II
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction
Cap Recharger II

250mm Light Artillery Cannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
250mm Light Artillery Cannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S

Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Ancillary Current Router I

Warrior II x4

Then practise flying it.
Train on some belt rats or a can whatever, but get used to going really fast around your target.
-It gets tricky when there are multiple targets on the field, as you dont want to get too close and get scrammed, but most of the time even then, your speed carries you out of scram-range.

Look at Skyes "How to tackle a sniper-ship" over at Spectre.

The Dramiel has been a part of 193 kills in Python and we have only lost 4.
(I think two were to gateguns, cant speed-tank those!! -Silly Pythonlemmings )
But the one where a Cruor got his faction web on Brick stands out, steer clear of things with web/scram bonuses mmmkay? ;)

I cant remember if you needed AWU IV for this (Advanced Weapon Upgrades, makes guns req less powergrid) but there are also implants that does the trick.

If you do it right, you will get plenty of kills in this, they are just awesome when they are in a gang or flock or.. flight, whatever :)
100m is alot for a Frigate I agree, but you must factor in both how big the chance of you dying in it are, also how bloody fun it is to fly!

...Plus it looks good. ;)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

RL job in EvE?

Just want to discuss what I do and what you do in the daily chore that can be translated into EvE :)

-But first, the obligatory "Omg we get a Zephyr" post every blogger is doing..
"Omg Zephyr free shuttle with probes and sleeper-safe!!"

Ok then, I thought of this last night as a corpmate were talking about what he was doing for a RL job.. "What would my job be like in EvE-terms?"
I suppose you could say my day would start with waking up in a backwater planet, -20celcius outside and my shuttle covered with snow.

I would travel a few jumps to a small station in wich I would sit down in my office of a Minmatar/Gallente ship-dealership.
There I would be ordering ships from the various producers, handling the payment of customers and helping with insurance and ship-loans.

Ofcourse there is the customary drinking alot of coffee.. and communing with my Pirate-buddies on what we are going to be up to later in the day, and what some had been up to while I was asleep.

Then the long trip home after 9+ workhours and after a quick bite to eat I jump into the pod for some Piracy!
-That is the general layout of what a normal day for me would be like in EvE-terms.. what is your RL job like? Are you a "student of hedion university" or.. truckdri..err Freighter-pilot?

-Also, I commented on "Bfoster" that I missed his "Babe of the week" and set out to find something hot.. sadly I failed but found something entirely different yet just as arousing!!

(click for larger)

Holy crap that is a sexy picture!
It says "Alex Murtaza" in the top left corner.. props!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Mining with Carrier?

Greetings and Salutations!
This is the breakdown of last nights events in "Dour"
(Actually a pretty cheerful system..for us.)

"I´ve said it before, dont do something dangerous for too long in EvE, eventually someone will find out and counter it."

What transpired last night started with a call in "Python public" (where all the cool kids hang) -that there were a mining op going on in a system named "Dour" and it consisted of a few barges and a carrier.

"Dour" we said, where is that? -Oh not very far!! Shall we go check it out? -Sure! Fast gankships!
Or something like that... :)

We set out a few of us in stuff like Taranis, Jaguar, Rapier and a few more got the news and started off as time went by.

We stopped one system before and sent a scout, crap! -They were not in a belt, but rather mining in a grav-site or a mission!!

A prober-alt were quickly sent for, and it gave time for more allies to join up on our position.

Our competent prober went in and quickly got a hit on four barges, and warped in cloaked to have a look.
"They are all in a big grav-site, mining.. but pretty far off from eachother, with the carrier and a Deimos in the middle."

We reasoned that simply warping into the middle and going for em would probably let a few get away.. so we had the prober make four bookmarks, one for each miningbarge, and come back to the system we were waiting in and deliver them.
Then four squads were formed, and so each squad would warp right ontop of each barge and blast it and get out.

It worked Pretty damn well! -I think one got away, or if it only were three.. its fuzzy :)

Funny enough, the Carrier and Deimos warped off, so we stuck around and looted some stripminers and whatnot.. (damn the small holds of the Taranis!!)
-Until an Onyx warped into the site.
"Kill that Onyx!" Our esteemed FC mr Spectre333553353, quickly ordered.
It had a pretty good shield, but soon a Thorax warped in, so we switched dps to that and it blew up in a few seconds! (Horrible fit)
Before we could get back to the Onyx the Carrier returned along with a Myrmidon and Sleipnir.. so we decided to get out while we were ahead..

Skye and Brick in their Keres(?) and Vaga stuck around far off range and played with them alittle.. they only sent the carriers fighters after em, but after two died (apparently worth around 15mil) the carrier pulled the rest back and left.

The gang was about to leave so our bold fighters warped in and caught the Sleipnir.
We said "fuck it" and warped in to engage, and to our surprise, when we landed the Myrm and Onyx left!
What? their big advantage leaves? Oh this is just too good.
So we melted the Sleip down, watching scan for the gang.. nothing... until he explodes then the lone Onyx warps in.
That is also taken care of, but it had a nice tank, my Caldari Antimatter did little damage to his huge resist tank!
-Even if it took a good while to get him down, no help came... until he was dead ofcourse, when the Myrm finally comes.
We are a bit confused with their tactics of sending the ships one and one, and this Myrm did not do much damagewise.. had a hell of a tank tho!

So we start working on the Myrm, slowly getting him down, but his peak recharge was a tough nut.. Fortunately they provide some entertainment to what was a long kill with sending a lone flycatcher on top of us.
PEW -It does in a heartbeat.. thank ye!

Back to the Myrm and we dare not overheat guns more, plus Spec is running out of Ammo!
Skye then finds some medium EMP in a wreck for Brick to up his damage with, and finally IT GOES DOWN!
-Spec had three rounds left, I think I had 21.. Damn, it took 112114 damage to kill it!

End result of a very successful mining op:

(click to enlarge)

-So listen to UncaSpec kids, never do a dangerous thing in EvE for too long.. someone will find you and counter you!

Camping a gate for too long? -Word will get around and a bunch of highsec pvpers will come through that gate after you take their bait.

Showing off your carrier for too long? -Someone else will drop 10 dreads on you eventually.

Mining in lowsec with a carrier for too long? -Python cartel will come fuck you up!

And now for something completely different.

As I said last blog, all the cool bloggers posts their planet pics and writes about Dominion.. so here is my contribution:

Dominion is cool.

This planet is cool.

(Click to enlarge)

-That is all.

Friday, 4 December 2009

The Universe according to a lowsec pirate

Silly post below!
Just had a little fun with the influence map, inspired by Dante´s "World according to the americans" over at "My god it´s full of stars"

-I found this pic very funny so here is my EvE Universe version;
The Universe according to a lowsec-pirate!

(click for larger)

I use MsPaint because I want to be like Spectre.
-Thats how the cool kids do it.
I recommend everyone to use this now, rather then the boring old original..

In other news us Pythons went on a little vacation to a new system near Old Man Star, nice to have some change of scenery. (especially now with all the new planets)

Oh, and what is it with every bloody blog needing to post pictures of the new planets??
(Yes yes I would have too if I could access my screenshots-folder from work) :P

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fail gfx-card anyone?

Anyone else done an impulse-buy gone wrong?

Story is this, my old gfx card really had no problems, its just that it was very loud in a strange way, it kind of "buzzed" at each instance it had to work, and the harder the louder :)

So when in town one day, a local store had a good price at an ATI card, a real killer for a good price, or so I thought.

Sure, it has potential, but this crap is even louder then the old, but constantly to keep cool..
Also, bugs bugs bugs in each game!

I mean, I´ve had little time for EvE lately due to moving my lass´s floristshop, so when I got a weekend to play, what does it do?
It decides to make the screen go dark at random intervals..
-Not so bad if its just in warp a little, but this weekend alone it cost me:
A thorax, a thrasher, an incursus and 2 pods :(

Thorax was after jumping through a gate, screen dark.....come on..... sounds of destruction, and lo and behold, a Domi kills me, but I get screen back in time to warp away.

The Thrasher was in Old man star, Skye was in a belt in a fight and me and Spec was on our way to help as our target had friends.. as I warped the screen went dark, while Skye shouted on vent that a huge blob had landed... oh great! Poof goes my ship and pod, my screen comes back to the view of a stations insides.. *mutters*

So I upgraded my clone, grabbed an Incursus and thought I´d fly through Hisec to catch up with them... undock, warp to gate....DARKNESS!
Once again while "blind" all I can do is wait for it to come back, hoping nothing bad is waiting..
But this was a gate to highsec that is rarely camped...right?
Wrong, I hear the discharge of huge hybrid guns and hey presto! -Once again my screen comes back to the view of this damn station.

That Megathron must have thought me dumb to land on the gate with him, and staying long enough for him to lock, kill, and then lock pod and kill that...

Cheap GFX card anyone?
Not sure if it is Asus or ATI to blame, but I´ll try different older driver versions tonight..

Monday, 23 November 2009


Just want to do a bit of advertising..

Got my Iphone now, after struggling if I should get it for sooo long. :)
(I like the phones that fold so the display is protected.. also, I dislike Apple) ;)

Pretty handy phone/mini-computer, but the main reason to get it is:
Wich I heard of a while back on Roc´s blog.. but did not see much use for it (it said you could keep track of your training queue etc)
But I am pretty good at remembering to train, so that did not feel like a necessary feature.

It also has the latest CCP news/devblogs PLUS all the blogpack blogs!

So if yer headin for the john/a train or busride/eating breakfast etc etc.. forget newspapers!
Start Capsuleer, open the blogspage and click update.. then ye have all the reading you can ever want!

P.S Mad props to Mynxee for her Aurora voice.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ma ma ma pokerface...


This is the story of a noob among the sharks at the big EOH 2-year anniversary.

Well, the background is that i have been lurking around the low-stakes
sit and go tables on the EvE poker sites, being curious on tournaments
but felt that the price were too high to stumble in and try.

But as my previous post said, EOH held a freeroll tournament last
weekend to celebrate The big 2-year anniversary.
The deal was this: show up and sign up at the specified time, and when
the table had 200 signups the game was on.
All we knew in advance was that there were no entry-fee, and that the
winner would get 5Billion!
There were some rumors about additional prices but nothing confirmed.

So at the specified time, the tables filled up and at 204 players Selene (the owner) launched the big event!

My initial expectations were low.. after all, I would be facing up against seasoned poker veterans and I set my goals to finish atleast 100/204 and under.

I´ll write down a little from memory how it played out, just writing down some key hands and stuff.. lots of hands inbetween that I either dont remember or were unimportant:

First off it went pretty well.. I played safe but called some fools who obviously thought that "i´ll try to scare off a few and bet big.. who cares if I loose it is the start of the tourney anyway"
So my stack grew steadily and even were chipleader at my table a while, before I got moved.
(as players gets eliminated they swich current players around to fill up the tables)

Had my first dip into low chips around the 100players left mark, got a little reckless as I was nearing my goal of 100/204 so I got into trouble.
However, a lucky straight saved me and I doubled up, then I got into a all-in situation where a straight saved me again, landing me in good position again.

At the first paus there were 59/204 players left, I was very happy, having far succeeded my expectations.. I figured that I would play it slow from now, only betting when I get some good cards and hope that I get good hands when I have little or big blind.
-This is generally a bad idea when the blinds are so big, as I at that point had about 4000 in chips and the blinds were at 2000/4000.
Should have stolen some pots to get ahead, but at this point I just wanted to see how long I would last. :)

After break it starts with me having to put the Small blind, get a A/4 of diamonds and goes all in.
-Flop is Qd/7d/Ah -Exciting!
No more diamonds on the turn and river, but my pair of aces wins me about 8k. ;)
(only about 50players left now..)
Next flop is A/Q of hearts and all in again.. put my 8k into the pot and it wins me 17k!

Siigari Kitawa, whom I´ve seen plenty on the tables, and is a banker/funny guy in chat gets eliminated at this point at 37:th place.. cant believe my luck for having laster longer then him!

Slow play it a little bit after this, to calm down.. but a 10/9 of hearts and a bluffer has me puttin in 5k, then five more. then 5 more and boom 37k into the pocket!

Have to post Big blind wich is at 10k now, and gets a lousy 3/3.. feels a little bummed..
then next flop I throw away A/4 and the flop is 4/3/A

After this I need to feel better about myself so when I get a Ah/Kc I throw in some cash.
10k... 10k.. ALL IN!
Boom 60k into the pockets, feelin good again.

Big blinds now at 15k, so its getting costly, loose a BB, but only 20players left!

I realize now that I might make it to the final 10.
We now know that the 2-10 finishers will also get a price, but what is not known.
I think about this point I threw a 4/9 and the flop was 9/10/9.. hate to see that. ;)

Playing it slow now, just trying to stay in the game, blinds just keeps getting raised.. so just chilled and tried to survive the blinds.. won a big but lost a small..

12 players to go, im on the button.


Final table! 37.300 in the stack and blinds at 15000/30000. EEEK!

I hang in there a bit, but blinds getting to 20.000/40.000...so in trouble!

Forced to go All-in due to blinds on my 7h/Qd and.. splat.

Me and another guy gets eliminated..but NINTH PLACE!
I´m happy. *cheers and waves a flag*

(I am 6pac btw.. had to get the new acc due to the old not being back in time)

Anyway.. I stick around the table, watching who would take first place..

It quickly ends up with Asuka_Smith and LordTyMan heads up.

I actually lost some pots to Asuka when we were at the same table earlier in the tournament, and knew he was pretty agressive, so at first I hoped he would loose.. but seeing his skill at raking in the chips I began cheering him on.. and win he did.

Grats to Asuka Smith of the Aduro Protocol for the first place and 5Billion ISK

And Grats to me for 9:th place and 250Million ISK :)

So there it is.. the tale of how a lucky noob can win a few iskies on his first tournament.
And if I can do it, so can you!
Go out there and play some EOH POKER!

- Yargok out.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Poker party!

Well, after lurking around the EOH poker-rooms these last months, mostly doing small tables to kill some time, I am going to try a real tournament with the big boyz!

EOH poker is hosting a Freeroll this Saturday!
-That I intend to play in.

We´ll see how it goes, having troubles logging in, as I forgot my password.
It is always on "remember me" so only logged in once a few months ago, then it has auto-saved my PW so I dont have to remember it.. well that works out to my disadvantage when the browser cache is cleared and I need to remember it suddenly! *groans*

Will mail a banker tonight, hopefully it will be fixed in time.

So, if all goes well, I may or may not be bragging about my 5BILLION ISK in prize money on sunday.

Soo, if you want to come and maybe face me, look HERE how to play a Tournament game.

Oh, and...


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Back in Black

Back in black
I hit the sack
I've been too long I'm glad to be back
Yes, I'm let loose
From the noose
That's kept me hanging about
I've been looking at the sky
'Cause it's gettin' me high
Forget the hearse 'cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cat's eyes
Abusin' every one of them and running wild
Hey hey hey!

Just a quick info update.

1. What? -I´m back to blogging.

2. Why? -Well I reinvented what was wrong and kept me back +summer is over and more free time!

3. What happened? -Many things, I did write initially to get creative outlet, something to think about during "downtime", but as I wrote in an in-character way, I could only write if something happened in-game.
So if I just wanted to rant about the injustice of ECM I could not really do that.
Then ofcourse summer came, and I was out of the house more.. so then it died off sadly.

4. And now? -Now I will write whatever I want, either in-game events, pure fiction stories or general ramblings.

5. But why now? -Two things, I´ve started a little solo-wormhole adventure I will try to chronicle.. but also my fearless leader mr "Spectre" is running for CSM and I want to do my bit in supporting him, as I think he would make an exceptional candidate.

Yar out.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

OOC: Lan fun!

Weekend over, back to work and EvE.

The LAN I had last weekend was a great success (read last post)
Thanks for all the great tips I got from letters, comments and on the forums, we had plenty games to try and had great fun!

A good thing I installed and tried most games first so that no unnessesary patching and debugging had to be done while we were all gathered, it all went smooth, install and go!

And now to announce the best game we had most fun/played most:
Empire Earth
-We were originally going for Civ4, but a few had never tried it, so then the going would be very slow in the beginning.. waiting for turns etc, so we needed a "turnless" game similar to that one.
I found in my old collection Empire Earth and we tried it, and got hooked.
Two participants even dreamt about it and came over early the next morning hungry for more!
I have since learnt that EE2 is also a great game, but EE3 is crap.. so we´ll be trying EE2 next time.

The other games we ended up playing the most out of all we tried were:
AvP2 -Awesome fun in multiplayer.. especially "survivor" mode.
MTASA -A Multiplayer mode for San Andreas, very fun racetracks or just dicking around in.
Serious Sam2 - I think it was SS2, not sure, but was very fun in the Co-op mode blasting aliens.
Smokin´ Guns -A free player-made wild west shooter.. old but fun!

We tried a bunch more, but those really stuck with us and worked well.
Overall great fun, sadly nobody won the contest of "best game tip" as I found the best game myself (!) :)
-But I´ll save up some more iskies and have a new contest.
Maybe i´ll find a random wormhole, hide there then put a bounty that whoever finds me gets a billion! :P "Find the fool in the wormhole!"
In EvE related news, my corp "The Python Cartel" has left the alliance of the Black Rabbits.
It is a little sad for me, as the training section of the rabbits introduced me to a life of piracy.. but it got too big for us, and the Pythons work best in a small agile group.

Ah well, makes life more interesting, more bullets to dodge!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

OOC: Lan games?

Hello there!

This is not an EvE-related or in-character post.
Yargok will have to rest this weekend, wich is good I suppose, I never like training 5day+ skills while playing.. no fast gratification I suppose.
Wich is why I have yet to get Frig V, but now it is cooking!
hm, guess a little EvE snuck in there.

What I wanted to ask was:
I´ve got a few friends coming over this weekend, and we´re going to celebrate one of ´em by doing an old-school LAN-party. :)
I used to to this alot in days of yore, was much easier when everyone had lots of free time and lived closer.

Now, I have not really been following what games are fun to play on a small LAN like this so I was hoping for some tips!
We like to mix it up, so driving, rts, shoot´em up etc wont matter.. if you have a good game to recommend, mail me or comment below.

To make it interesting, if someone manages to give me a good tip and we like it, i´ll give ye 5 mil ISK (no im not cheap, just broke) :)

Oh and dont think you´ll be safe in EvE this weekend! I might log in to show them how you "pwn noobs" in EvE so stay alert!
(ohwait im the noob)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Aces High

Running, scrambling, flying
Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Run, live to fly, fly to live, Aces high

Ah, the adrenaline of a good dogfight!
When the dance of death starts, when the hail of ammunition fills the space between the combattants.. it is so beautiful.

I had been scouting for targets all day, and every juicy one was at a POS or hugging stations/safespotted.
So I decided to try a little "Spectre"
What I mean is, Spec is very adapt at getting a fight from someone,
and on his terms.
So when I found a Cormorant, a destroyer class ship sitting still outside a station I tried a bit of persuation.
The Cormorant can be very deadly to a small frigate like the one I was in, if it is in the hands of a skilled player and fitted the small blasters it has bonuses for.
In this instance, the player was a neutral about as old as me, so I ventured he would not be very well equipped.
The problem was, since he was just outside a station, I could not engage him in my little Frigate.. the guns would shoot me instantly.. or he would just dock.

But if you do an agressive act outside, even against a red blinky like me, you cannot dock for a while.. so I locked and orbited the destroyer, hoping he would feel cocky at taking on a smaller ship.. and since I am an outlaw, he could engage me without reprecussions.
And he did.

Silly person!
Now I can shoot back, and you are not going anywhere!
Turned on all my offensive modules and blasted into him.
I noticed he had big troubles hitting me at all, even if he had 8 guns and I had 3, his was either not meant for the ship, or too slow to track me as I speedily orbited him.

Dead destroyer!
I bet he feels silly now! Seldom have my shiplogs recorded a worse fit ship, also he was the one who started the fight, so he cant really whine about it eh?
You thinkin you tough?

Fight me HERE
(Really fast to make a fighter and challenge me..)

Also, I was added to the EvE Blogroll
over at Crazykinux
Needless to say, there is alot of reading material out there on "teh intarwebz" so pop over and rummage through the multitudes of stuff available.
That is the wonderful things about EvE.. it fits all different kinds of players, from crazy pirates to savvy buisness-types.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Run Silent, run deep.

Running silent, Running deep, we are your final prayer,
Warriors in secret sleep, a merchantman's nightmare,
A silent death lies waiting, for all of you below,
Running silent, Running deep, sink into your final sleep.

A few updates from this weekend, was a pretty good one!
Lots of fun happenings, roams and gangs and camps, and Yar/Gok have been quiet!
Have joined up with the Python gang and moved homebase , im still in the same alliance but now taking orders from esteemed gentlemen such as:
Golden Helmet

and Spectre

I´m in good hands eh?

They are very capable pirates tho, whenever we go out they attract targets!
We went on sunday to a "Secret fishingspot"
If you´ve ever gone planetside and engaged in "fishing" you know that sometimes you find that hidden backwater area, secluded and untouched, ripe with big fat fishies.

I wont go into details as I do not want to spoil our spot, but with a little trixing we ended up in a part of space where the drakes and ferox´s go to mate.
(read: do missions)
Our small gang scanned down target after target, and like with a successful fishingtrip, our holds were so full of loot we had to return home even though the area was still full if prey.
Took my hangar crew an hour to clean off all the pod-goo splattered on my Thorax.

Mental note, get an Afterburner fitted next time, as MWD does not work inside a warp-gate where the missioners dwell..
Oh, and I have placed second in a "space-photo" contest!
Point your holo-feeds HERE
In other news..
The Caldari school of applied knowledge does not seem to pass along much knowledge to their stutents..
Why would you go into a low security system with a badger to mine kernite?

And not just any system, Ishomilken! -Home of the Guristas Associates!
This system is not some quiet low sec, it is filled to the brink with bloodthirsty pirates!

What I mean is, we were hunting around some Myrmidon that had trespassed into our domain, when I found a badger on scan at a remote ore-belt.

I quickly scanned it down and jumped to engage.
He died very quickly, and seeing his low age I found no use to ransom him, instead I thought I´d help him, make this experience a valuable lesson!
So after his ship and pod were turned into space-debris I sent him a friendly letter explaining the dangers of going into low-security space, how he would not be making any more ISK there but should stick to mining veldspar for now, and not go into such places again unless ready and looking for a fight.

Something like that, did not get any word back from him, but looking at the confirmed kills listings this morning I found THIS

Apparently about fifty minutes after my first "lesson" and advice he takes a bantam and goes to try the same thing AGAIN!!
This time apparently a fellow Gurista put a stop to him..
Definition of ignorant i suppose.. to do the same thing over and over and expect different results!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

You gotta know when to hold´em

-Know when to fold´em!

Intelligence.. recent events has me brooding over the importance of this warfare tool..
And I realized that it is most important in all things,
knowing what goes on.
"It is a common mistake in going to war to begin at the wrong end, to act first, and wait for disasters to discuss the matter."
- Thucydides

Firsly, I´ve begun to play a little good ol´ Poker while my ships are being refitted or repaired..
Most relaxing to be chatting with some other capsuleers and risking my hard-earned ISK in other things then my ships.
And it is most important to know your fellow players, how they play, what bluffs might work and what cards might come up.. the more intelligence you possess the better choices you can make.

Secondly, when I need to sit at a safespot and wait out a Criminal countdown, I´ve also begun playing an old game on my ships computers "Starcraft"
Not played in a while so I am a little rusty, but my lack of experience I make up with keeping good tabs on my enemies.. It is much easier to fight on my terms then on his.
So once again good intelligence helps profoundly.
Sadly the old AI of that game is cheating.. damn maphacker!

Thirdly, most importantly, the other day I joined a fleet camping at a gate in a system not far away.
I wont get into details as there might be sensitive information, and also I was just a soldier, so I never understood exactly what went on.
But I was thoroughly impressed by our FC´s (Fleet Commander) skills and methods:
The voice-comms were kept to a minimum to ensure that valuable information got through unhindered.
He had scouts in all adjoining systems, and could separate possible threats quickly as intel was passed to him of shiptypes and corp-affiliations.
A fleet soon formed in a system ahead of us, and he knew always their members and shiptypes.
As half of it disappeared we knew they were after us, but up to something, and yes.. our scouts behind us soon relayed they were sneaking up the rear.

I dont know if they thought they would surprise us, that we did not know they were coming.. that we did not notice they popped up on local comms.. that we did not see their scan-probes..
But we did, and were never in any danger.
He had us aligned to warp-out spots, but still sitting still.
We could have moved to safety long before their "ambush" came but I guess he wanted to tease them.. because just as they made their move, we were gone.

Initially I had been somewhat nervous of such gatecamps, as I have to put such a big and costly ship on the line, but when certain FC´s are in charge, I am never worried.

And, on the topic of poker and FC´s, here is my re-make of:
"The Gambler" (Earthen singer K. Rogers)
On a cold space evenin, in a freighter bound for low-sec,
I met up with an FC; we were too tired to sleep.
So we took turns a-starin, out the window at the darkness,
til boredom overtook us, and he began to speak.

He said, son, Ive made a life, out of leadin fleet engagements
And knowin what their ships were, by the intel from my scouts.
So if you dont mind my sayin, I can see youre out of Iskies
For a taste of your long-limb roes, Ill give you some advice.

You got to know when to hold at the gate, know how to spot a bait.
Know how to get away, and know when to flee.
You never count your troopers, when youre engaged in a battle
Therell be time enough for countin, when the fightins done.

Now every FC knows, that the secret to survivin
Is knowin who to sacrifice, and knowing who to keep.
cuz there has to be a winner, and there has to be a loser
And the best that you can hope for, is to die in your sleep.

So keep your scanner open, and let a word not be spoken
have eyes on both front and back, and look for combat probes.
You will never loose a battle, and you will rule on the killboards
if you know your own forces, and what your enemies do.

You got to know when to hold the gate, know how to spot a bait.
Know how to get away, and know when to flee.
You never count your troopers, when youre engaged in a battle
Therell be time enough for countin, when the fightins done.
"When generals cannot assess opponents, clash with much greater numbers or more powerful forces and do not understand the level of skill of their own soldiers, they are beaten."
-Sun Tzu

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Back in black

Such is not needed for one that leads a life like mine.
Tranquility? Not compared to warping to an empty spot in space and taking in the scenery.
Adrenaline and adventure? Hardly.. Going down a slope has nothing on taking on another pilot head to head out in space.. I was tricked by that damn poster!

And the darn place was expensive too! The crazy Jita marketplace has nothing on these guys on overpriced goods!!
Ah well, I´ll make a note of bombarding them from space if I ever get into a battleship.

It was good to get home.. Yar had started going off more often and so I was relieved that the first thing I heard when I entered my home system again was that there were some folk in belt one looking for a fight!
A hastily made-up fleet later and we blew them out of the sky!! Damn it felt good.

Little did I know that I was up for a few "first-time" experiences!

I lost my first ship the very same day.
My trusty destroyer-class Thrasher, who had netter me 18 kills!
I had found a punisher inside a caldari warfare thing-a-ma-jiggy.. I had been into one before, where a frig were doing something, surrounded by battleships.. then warped off when I came and they targeted me.
So in my ignorance I thought they were passive while he was there somehow..
I landed from warp a bit away from him, and speeded towards my intended prey.. so far so good, locked him and lay the hurt on.
Then the 5-6ish battleships in the area locked me.
And jammed me.
And killed me.

I got out of there with one less destroyer-ship.. but lots of experience gained.
Was my first time I got to practice my "insta-warp-pod-to-planet" trick I had been taught.
Also, I now know how these warfare installations work, and wont make that mistake again.
Sad that I did not die in a fair fight, but now I was more initiated into the life of a pirate.

The next day I got another "first" with complementary valuable lesson.
Feeling vengeful I made two mistakes.. I jumped in a too expensive ship for my wallet.. and I charged the first prey I could find without much thought.
I could blame Yar but I wanted it as much as him..

I went out in my Thorax you see.. a pretty deadly cruiser, and I guess it made me feel abit too sure of myself..
So when I find a lone incursus at a planet, with two other neutrals in local I charge it almost blindly.
Sure my scanners told me that a tristan and a blackbird was in system aswell.. and that the tristan was probably in the same corp as the incursus.. but I was sure that I could take them both on if that was the case.
Well I warped, the incursus was a bit off, so I flew towards him.. and he towards me!
That should have warned me off, but I was reckless and bloodthirsty, so I engaged anyway.
Thirty seconds later the tristan comes.. and the blackbird!
I thought that since they were all in positive security standing, and engaging me meant commiting a crime, since the only one that had the right to shoot back was the incursus.. so they would not be so quick to join the fight..
..but they were.
I was warpscrammed.. and....JAMMED!

Auugh the horror, and it was strawberry-flavored too!!

But from what I had read, the jam was not permanent, so I did not try to disengage, as I hoped to have a chance to re-aquire lock on my target in a few seconds...
But as my shields were blasted away from the three ships, and my armor started to look like swiss cheese (old earth food-product with lots of holes) I tried to run but too little too late.
Once again I warp off in my pod, adrenaline still coursing with a ship gone but knowledge/experience gained.

I had my mind set on brooding in station for the rest of the evening, my kill ratio gone down from 30kills no losses to a 15:1 ratio.. I needed to get back in control.

But then my third "first" presented itself.
On the internal piratecomms I had semi-listened to two pilots trying to find a caracal in our home system.. one of them was skilled with scanning down hidden ships, but had not his gear.. and was trying to teach the other.. it is a hard thing to explain, but I had studied it hard, both reading guides and watching instructional videos.

So I popped out of station in my puny Imicus.. a ship made for scanning and little else.
And even tho lacking in equipment and experience, I found the caracal quickly.
Wow, this was easy.. maybe I´ll make a career out of this!
Anyhow, I let the two corp-mates know that I had found the prey and we warped there to engage.
Sadly, he had been clearing out a hidden acceleration-gate and was just finished when we came charging in, too far off from him to engage in time, and he fled.
Had we been there sooner while he was fighting we might have gotten a drop on him, but no matter.. I was very satisfied with myself quickly and successfully scanning down my first ship!

To sum it up.. The vacation was expensive and not so fun.
My homecoming was even more expensive(12mil isk down the drain) -but a thousand times more fun, exciting and educational.

So the gist of it is, stay at home and do what you love.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Heaven can wait.

New entry.

Did I mention why I am logging my life here?
And why am I asking a computer log questions??
Ack, did it again.

Err, back to point... it is just so that if I totally loose control to my dear voices, perhaps these stories would explain whatever it is that I do..
Like I have this nightmare of "Gok" taking full control and clones his conciousness into a rabbit body or whatever.. is that possible? heh..

Also, I seem to have blackouts when these episodes occur, so it is good to read up on what I was doing and who I am.. because sometimes it does feel a bit blurry.

But enough of the unpleasantries..
I am going to treat myself to a vacation!

I made some ISK doing market gambling that I am taking the weekend off on a nearby ice planet.. Best Ski-resort in the universe they say!

Skiing is an old earthen sport where you strap planks on your feet and ride them down a snowy mountain.. it sounds crazy but it is nowhere half as deadly as my current profession.

Also, if I do snuff it I will just awake in a fresh clone, wonders of being a capsuleer!
Atleast I hope it works that way..

Space will be safe for a few days.
Yargok out.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Weekend warrior


Slow week, my shipments of items and ships I ordered came in, and there was much organizing to be done.. much fitting of the ships, and planning their setups.

This did not sit too well with Yar/Gok, but there was an operation planned for sunday that would satisfy their bloodlust.

Funny enough, before any major event, I seem to have a small one.

Sunday morning, I was hunting the nearby systems with my great mentor mr "H.Lecter"
Funny guy.. one of the most successful killers in our alliance, but in person he is helpful, friendly and quick to a laugh.. must have multiple personalities.. or maybe voices whispering him, like me?
I must ask him about this sometime.

Anyhow, I scanned down an Incursus in a belt, and quickly jumped, but had no hopes up that it would remain... it did!
From its slow reaction time to my precense, and the sudden calls of "paece!" in local comms, I gathered it was a new pilot.

Lecter was on his way, wanting blood I assume, because I was in no danger from her guns.. so I asked him, "what do you ransom a puny T1 frigate for? is it even worth it?"

He suggested a million Isk, wich I suggested to her..
She took some time to power down, but was not doing much damage anyhow... but the money finally came!
My first ransom!
Puny, but a first is a first.

I felt kind of bad, as I realized she was trying to pirate, and was not going to live long around these parts sitting still in belts in her frigate waiting for victims to come to her!

So yes, she had only bought herself two more minutes.. she jumped to a nearby system after our fight, and came back in a pod.. wanting "pierating" advice.

Sorry, I´m no cook!
Much later, time for our big operation!

The commander entered our comms, and told us he wanted fast agile ships with a bite!
We were going on a long...long trip..into 0.0! ! ! Nullsec, the most feared killinggrounds in new eden!

I opted for a "Thrasher" with plenty of firepower and speed, not flown this before, but it did sounded fun.

The trip down was a bit dull.. It was 40! jumps through lowsec!
Yar started whispering, but he got his when we made a quick stop to kill a Rupture.

But.. the morale was high, and we had fun on the comms, making our way to what would be a quick slaughter of..us or them.

There it was, the gate.. nullsec was on the other side!
The plan was apparently to jump in and burn 2 jumps in to a secluded pocked where a big corporation around here would normally be mining ice.. if we were too slow they would get warned on their Intel channels.

We flew like crazy, pushing the ships to their limit.. and I noticed the Thrasher was a really slow warping ship!! Me and the others in destroyer-class ships were lagging slightly behind!!

I heard on the comms, those that had landed had found targets and engaged!
I landed, and what a sight!
Trapped in our interdictor bubble was several expensive "mackinaw" mining barges, and an ORCA!
The ensuing slaughterfest was a blast.. we got a Mackinaw, retriever, mack, ORCA and a Megathron who warped in to help his mates..

Apparently in our wild charge, a third mackinaw pilot got so spooked, he abandoned his ship and tried to flee in his pod! (that wont work buster!!)

So the call went out if we had anyone among us able to fly such a ship.. the prospects of that seemed low, us being pirates and not miners, but luckily we had a former miner among us!

He parked his ship safely, and collected the mack.. meanwhile our leader had found that the local system the gang we attacked lived in was dockable!

So he docked up there, and put the ship up for sale on the local market.. I cant remember the sum, but 120mil maybe?
Ten minues later the ejecting pilot bought back his ship.. hah.

It was a blast.. and we quickly left the system after, as we knew a large fleet would soon drop to protect their home..
But, as we had suffered no losses, and we were planning to anyway.. we figured we´d go in and cause more havoc around here!

And we did.
Typhoon, hurricane, drake, raven, brutix, drake and a Phobos! -fell to us before we had lost half the fleet and retreated back to where we came..
Well, those were the ones that my ships computed registered I had a part in.. we probably took down 7ish more ships that I did not get to shoot at in the great melee.

What a damn great day.. Oh and did I mention I survived? -ship bruised, but it flies still!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Out of the silent planet..

Dreams of desolation!

Listen to this!
[soundfile embedded into log: "Iron Maiden -Out of the Silent planet"]

Withered hands, withered bodies begging for salvation
Deserted by the hand of gods of their own creation
Nations cry underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live
The punishment is death for all who live

It is an old earth-song I have begun using when jumping into battle.. gets me speeded, and also it helps with keeping a clear head and not having to hear Yar/Gok´s silly advice..

And talking about battle, I have just have had two AWESOME engagements!

Firstly, earlier on I was casually roaming around looking for sinners against my new spacerules..
(if it does not come up blue on scanner, it must die)
And having found a rifter and a stabber in a nearby system, i noticed that the rifter was friendly.

Very friendly infact.
He was "Kazaji" of the Python Cartel, and hailed me on a secure comm-channel, asking if I wanted to help take that stabber down.
Surely! Two Rifters should be able to if we can get in close and orbit!
Sadly he was sitting in a "safe" location in space, one that you cannot reach without proper scanning gear, but so determined was Kaz that he went to get such a scanning ship.

It was not long before the skilled scanner had found our victim and jumped to pin him down.
I quickly flew to his location and engaged, and it looked pretty well for starters, until a small display on my ship started blinking red.
I was running out of capacitor!

You see, this was my first venture out in a Rifter, and it seemed I had not the proper module setup nor skills in managing this ship, to keep all modules running.

So now and then one or more of my modules would shut down, wich made our victim almost escape or get a good shot in!

It took a while, i learned to "pulse" certain mods, and shut down others to keep him pinned down, but it was taking its toll.. and I was slowly loosing hull integrity!

I had to warp out, and a little bit after my gangmate did the same.

I am sure we could have taken him if I had better skills/fittings or my mate a better suited ship.
(he had no guns because the scanning-gear took so much power)

So I felt sad that I failed to kill the target, after Kaz was so nice to scan it down, but I am really happy with all the new knowledge I gained in the areas of fitting and controlling the Rifter.
Next time I will be victorious!

The second awesome fight of the night was to be had just a little while later.
I had returned to home station, and was repairing and refitting the rifter "Hunkajunk 1" when my fellow academy-bunnies were forming a fleet to go out and roam.
"Time for a kill" I thought and happily joined them, blazing out of the station with a fresh lust for blood and spacewrecks!

And, not long after, thanks to magnificent scouting from our esteemed C.E.O mr Lecter, we found a belt with some juicy targets in.
The call finally came, he had engaged and locked down a cruiser of some sort.. and another was nearby, so we hurried to his aid.
I landed on the asteroid belt and locked down the target when all hell broke loose.

It seems the cruiser had friends.
Lots of friends, in bigger ships then ours.

What happened after was chaos, organized chaos.
As more and more enemy ships warped there were targets all over, but our fleet commander held his cool.. "point arby, primary rupture"
Such clear and consice orders came through my voice-comms.. from his voice you could not make out the chaotic situation he was in, it could just as well have been a game of "poke the asteroid"

And it was exactly what was needed in that situation, but the actual fighting was nothing but chaos.
It was beautiful.
I charged a rupture, all my ships displays blinked angrily as I pushed the modules to their limits, scrambling that, web that.. activate that!
The autocannons sang their song of death, and the rupture exploded.
Next target arbitrator, change course!
Rifter turning as the rupture explosion sends bits and debris spraying over its hull, but already the autocannons are shooting at the arbitrator.
New target called, more ships have warped in!
Omen, stabber, rifter and a rupture!
We attack like a small cluster of drones, efficiently and without care that our opponents are bigger and better we zip around and take out one after the other.
Their clumsy attempts at rescuing their friends have them shooting wildly at us.. no concentrated fire, nor are they able to hit our small, fast ships.

We loose someone.. to something, it is hard to tell in the heat of battle, but suddenly battleships warp in and start giving off waves of searing heat, blinding light!

They had called in even further backup, this time in the form of smartbombing battleships!
Those of us too close did not make it, their ships instantly vaporized, but the rest of us made it away.. content in the knowledge that we managed to beat the better equipped and more experienced pilots that we engaged.

A great victory for the wabbit academy, and a massively valuable learning experience.

I am still speeded, having made it home to station again.. adrenaline rush not settled down still!!

I love this job.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Pew pew stew!

Dear logjournal-thingy.

A few days have gone since last update, but I´ve been so busy you see.. KILLING STUFF!

The new home I found in this pirating organization is perfect.
There is always someone that is on their way of to start some miscief, and everyone is friendly to a pirate-trainee such as myself, very helpful and forgiving.

The home system here is controlled by us, wich is something I´ve never seen in low-security space before.. there is always twenty or more of us in system, and if a lone straggler manages to venture in.. they do not last long.

I have had so many adventures and experiences my mind has not processed it all yet.. but Yar/Gok seems satisfied.

And ahh, the life of a pirate..
It is most awesome, the fellowship of a small gang, going out to hunt.
The elation when the comms verify a target found and tackled.
The thrill of combat and adrenaline, blocking all the crazy voices.
The sounds of my blasters discharging and the pleas of mercy from our victims.

I have not even lost a ship yet!
My trusty Incursus has several dents and bulletholes, but I keep them as merits of service..
He has survived many kills, and I have grown fond of him.. maybe I´ll store him away somewhere if he gets a few more..
As I am sure as I´ll become the most feared pirate in new eden, there will be plenty of collectors that would want to buy the famous pink-frigate that I killed my first victims in!
Especially proud of the drake it took down, with only the help of another frigate and a cruiser!
Another drake we killed were so impressed with us, we managed to convert him from his evil ways of shooting random belt-rats to the ways of the pirate!

The incursus does have his shortcomings though, and I am working on my abilities to fire autocannons to use on the Rifter I purchased.. so maybe the "pink incursus" will be retired soon.

The wicked wabbit of woe!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Me myself and Irene!

Sorry, that does not makes sense for anyone I suppose.
It is an old earth movie about a guy who has two personalities.

I only have one ofcourse, you think im crazy or something?

Well, there is the matter of the voices I hear, but it has a perfectly logical explanation!

It was back in my early days as a capsuleer, I worked for a corporation that was heavy into the mining and manufacturing.. but I had no such skills, so I was mostly sat on "hauler duty".

If it was not my corporation having me haul ore back and forth, it was various agents that had me deliver this to there and that to here.. I cannot believe I did it for the low pay they offered.

It was during a routine-run when I were to go up to the biggest marketplace in new eden to buy an expensive blueprint.. the dreaded "Jita" markethub was my goal.

Unfortunately my superiors said nothing about the route I should take, so I naturally had my navcomp map out the fastest rout there!
"hmm, a few lowsec jumps, should be no worries in my shuttle" i thought.
Unbeknownst to me, there is this "bottleneck" called Rancer that everyone should avoid, no matter what you fly.

So there I was, jumping from gate to gate and making good time.. until I warped to the gate in Rancer.

Normally you drop out of warp and space materilizes around you, with a billboard sign and the gate right infront of your cockpit-view..
Not so this time, all I remember was a blinding light and a burning wave of destruction hitting my ship the instant I arrived from warp.
Then it went black.

I awoke later, not sure how much later.. in pain and confusion.
I was in my pod, it was badly damaged and so was I.

From what I can gather the gate had huge battleships sitting with their gigantic smartbombs going off, wich had hit me the second I arrived, and vaporized my ship.
The blast had flung my pod far off into space, why it was not completely destroyed I do not know.
But I do know I would have been better off if it had.

I think I spent a week floating in that wreck of a pod, somehow kept alive by the few systems that worked, but no propulsion or communications did.

Space really is a lonely place, and if you think you would find it peaceful and tranquil to be drifting around aimlessly in a cold vast nothingness... you are wrong.

I was unable to move as much as a few inches without searing pain wrecking my body, and i became more or less paralyzed after a time.

But my mind worked.. and worked.. panic, fear, despair, contemplating the great mysteries of life.. thousands of emotions..words.. ideas and scenarios played out in my head, all at the same time.

After a while the mind shuts down I think.. but something kept it going.. running on empty so to speak, just barely enough to stay alive.

Now, you might think that I was rescued and treated back to health by some lucky chance.. but no.. I finally died. Had I been concious I would have welcomed it im sure.

Being a "pod-pilot" you have a clone waiting for you at a station of your choosing.. and had I simply died instantly when my ship blew up I would have woken up in my "new body" fully intact without any damage done.. well except my wallet.

But unfortunately in my case, the clones also manage to copy your memories until the time of death. -Dont ask me how this works, Link to an article here:
So now when I came to life again my body was in great shape, but my mind was not.

It took only a few days until the voices came.. first the giggling madman.. spoutin gibberish in his high-pitched voice.

Then the bloodthirsty one.. whispering.. only singular words or small suggestions at first.. but he grew louder.. and louder.

In my early days I oft lost control until I learned how they worked.
It seems the voices have a will and desires of their own, and if you do not indulge or suppress them now and then, they will manage to take over..
Only a short while, but I quickly learned that when waking up after a "memoryloss" always meant trouble.. Sometimes it was small things like a painted fingernail, another I had butchered and eaten someones pet.. The murders I do not want to think of.

But that is all in the past.
I have learned to live with my new "cellmates" Yar/Gok, and found a place where them and I might be accepted.
Where I can live out their crazy whims and maybe even make a few ISK doing so.

I have been accepted into the pirating academy of the Guristas associates, and settled into my new home.
Maybe next time, I can write down something about my adventures with my new fluffy wabbit fwiends.

Stay sane.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Highway to hell.

Must keep focus and shut out the voices, they were getting louder again.. not content on drifting aimlessly until I find my home and calling.
But now I know, I have a purpose!
An ad in the regionwide commchannels speak of an academy that will teach piracy.. that will train killers.. maybe they will take one as inexperienced as me? Surely they will see I have the heart for it!

Humm.. my cargohold is full of flashy ships, but what they seem to prefer is small cheap frigates.
Maybe I need to go sell my Brutix and get me a few of my favourite ship, the incursus.

Ugh, 30 jumps to their home system.. 3 jumps to Rens where I can pick up some........

It was three hours since I wrote my last note here.
I just woke up to see that "Gok" seems to have gone shopping for me.
He is crazy, but has a good heart.. it seems by the logs that he sold the Brutix for a pretty good sum.
But he did not buy Incursus ships, he bought these things:

I must admit it does have a resemblence.. but what shall I do with nine million units of these things!!! My cargo is full, I am broke.

Oh, and he seems to think that I needed a makeup now that I were to become a pirate.
I think it is supposed to resemble an old comic-book villain from earth.
I dont mind the makeup, but the scars on my face will remain until I get pod-killed and into my new clone.
I wonder if that will be sane? No, probably not.

Cute mmh?

Atleast life with these nutters in my head is not boring!
I will have to write down how it is that they are speaking to me, but I think it is best that I take some strong sleep drugs to make the journey without further incidents..
My trusty autopilot-cat will have to drive.
Great lad, we have much incommon.

Except he cannot fly a ship ofcourse, the computer does that.. but SOMEONE must sit at the helm.

No scratching my commander-chair, and stop looking at me like that!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Elation, relief and a sense of adventure fills me as I undock from the station.
My ship groans and shifts under the stress from the giant thrusters.
Minmatar design, what can you expect.. but to be fair, it is fully loaded.
All my belongings, ships and equipment, down to the smallest pocketknife, i have with me.

The voices are quiet now, contempt.. yes this is it, I might make it after all.
For too long have I sat in this station, waiting for something to happen!
The billboards, the endless adverts claiming that glory in battle was to be found in nullsec.
"we train you, we prepare you for a life of battle" they said.. among others.. empty words.

Let me explain.. I have.. certain needs. An accident involving a broken pod has left me with voices in my head, talking to me, screaming at me.. urging me.. it is a long story, but for now, know that if I do not give in to their whims, they get strong enough to "take over" and while I cannot remember what happens during those times, it cant be pretty.

So "Yar" as I have dubbed him, my darker chaotic side, demands explosions, mayhem.. chaos.
No medecines have quieted them, no remedies I have found, but to give in.
So when I read the ads I talked of, the ones of the chaotic life of nullsec.. I thought I had the answer to my problems.

They promised tutoring, roaming gangs of destruction and much more in preparation for what was to come.
I quickly realized that my bloodlust would not be sated, and by the time they would let me fly down there, I would be lost.
The one lesson they held was about the rules and regulations that was in effect in nullsec.. the supposedly chaotic environment seems completely the opposite!
I cant be a drone in a big hive! set on guard duty for a month or so before I can even test my wings!
The voices became louder.

So I leave. Last night my silly-crazy side, the one whispering the gibberish "Gok" had taken over and spray-painted my ship pink.

Also, my guns now seems to shoot bubbles.. this wont do.

The sun in this system hits my ship as it exits orbit around the nearby planet, the light fills me with hope, energy and purpose.
The universe shall burn.
When all is quiet in the aftermath of genocide, maybe I will find peace.

But how? where? I care not, just set the nav systems to a random spot far away.
"Yar" whispers something in that creepy voice about pirates.
Yes, I read some newsfeeds about "ebil pirates causing mayhem"
Maybe this is it?
The thought soothes me even further and even "Gok" stops his constant giggle and starts to sing.. quietly, with his child-like voice.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me...