Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ma ma ma pokerface...


This is the story of a noob among the sharks at the big EOH 2-year anniversary.

Well, the background is that i have been lurking around the low-stakes
sit and go tables on the EvE poker sites, being curious on tournaments
but felt that the price were too high to stumble in and try.

But as my previous post said, EOH held a freeroll tournament last
weekend to celebrate The big 2-year anniversary.
The deal was this: show up and sign up at the specified time, and when
the table had 200 signups the game was on.
All we knew in advance was that there were no entry-fee, and that the
winner would get 5Billion!
There were some rumors about additional prices but nothing confirmed.

So at the specified time, the tables filled up and at 204 players Selene (the owner) launched the big event!

My initial expectations were low.. after all, I would be facing up against seasoned poker veterans and I set my goals to finish atleast 100/204 and under.

I´ll write down a little from memory how it played out, just writing down some key hands and stuff.. lots of hands inbetween that I either dont remember or were unimportant:

First off it went pretty well.. I played safe but called some fools who obviously thought that "i´ll try to scare off a few and bet big.. who cares if I loose it is the start of the tourney anyway"
So my stack grew steadily and even were chipleader at my table a while, before I got moved.
(as players gets eliminated they swich current players around to fill up the tables)

Had my first dip into low chips around the 100players left mark, got a little reckless as I was nearing my goal of 100/204 so I got into trouble.
However, a lucky straight saved me and I doubled up, then I got into a all-in situation where a straight saved me again, landing me in good position again.

At the first paus there were 59/204 players left, I was very happy, having far succeeded my expectations.. I figured that I would play it slow from now, only betting when I get some good cards and hope that I get good hands when I have little or big blind.
-This is generally a bad idea when the blinds are so big, as I at that point had about 4000 in chips and the blinds were at 2000/4000.
Should have stolen some pots to get ahead, but at this point I just wanted to see how long I would last. :)

After break it starts with me having to put the Small blind, get a A/4 of diamonds and goes all in.
-Flop is Qd/7d/Ah -Exciting!
No more diamonds on the turn and river, but my pair of aces wins me about 8k. ;)
(only about 50players left now..)
Next flop is A/Q of hearts and all in again.. put my 8k into the pot and it wins me 17k!

Siigari Kitawa, whom I´ve seen plenty on the tables, and is a banker/funny guy in chat gets eliminated at this point at 37:th place.. cant believe my luck for having laster longer then him!

Slow play it a little bit after this, to calm down.. but a 10/9 of hearts and a bluffer has me puttin in 5k, then five more. then 5 more and boom 37k into the pocket!

Have to post Big blind wich is at 10k now, and gets a lousy 3/3.. feels a little bummed..
then next flop I throw away A/4 and the flop is 4/3/A

After this I need to feel better about myself so when I get a Ah/Kc I throw in some cash.
10k... 10k.. ALL IN!
Boom 60k into the pockets, feelin good again.

Big blinds now at 15k, so its getting costly, loose a BB, but only 20players left!

I realize now that I might make it to the final 10.
We now know that the 2-10 finishers will also get a price, but what is not known.
I think about this point I threw a 4/9 and the flop was 9/10/9.. hate to see that. ;)

Playing it slow now, just trying to stay in the game, blinds just keeps getting raised.. so just chilled and tried to survive the blinds.. won a big but lost a small..

12 players to go, im on the button.


Final table! 37.300 in the stack and blinds at 15000/30000. EEEK!

I hang in there a bit, but blinds getting to 20.000/ in trouble!

Forced to go All-in due to blinds on my 7h/Qd and.. splat.

Me and another guy gets eliminated..but NINTH PLACE!
I´m happy. *cheers and waves a flag*

(I am 6pac btw.. had to get the new acc due to the old not being back in time)

Anyway.. I stick around the table, watching who would take first place..

It quickly ends up with Asuka_Smith and LordTyMan heads up.

I actually lost some pots to Asuka when we were at the same table earlier in the tournament, and knew he was pretty agressive, so at first I hoped he would loose.. but seeing his skill at raking in the chips I began cheering him on.. and win he did.

Grats to Asuka Smith of the Aduro Protocol for the first place and 5Billion ISK

And Grats to me for 9:th place and 250Million ISK :)

So there it is.. the tale of how a lucky noob can win a few iskies on his first tournament.
And if I can do it, so can you!
Go out there and play some EOH POKER!

- Yargok out.

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