Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Highway to hell.

Must keep focus and shut out the voices, they were getting louder again.. not content on drifting aimlessly until I find my home and calling.
But now I know, I have a purpose!
An ad in the regionwide commchannels speak of an academy that will teach piracy.. that will train killers.. maybe they will take one as inexperienced as me? Surely they will see I have the heart for it!

Humm.. my cargohold is full of flashy ships, but what they seem to prefer is small cheap frigates.
Maybe I need to go sell my Brutix and get me a few of my favourite ship, the incursus.

Ugh, 30 jumps to their home system.. 3 jumps to Rens where I can pick up some........

It was three hours since I wrote my last note here.
I just woke up to see that "Gok" seems to have gone shopping for me.
He is crazy, but has a good heart.. it seems by the logs that he sold the Brutix for a pretty good sum.
But he did not buy Incursus ships, he bought these things:

I must admit it does have a resemblence.. but what shall I do with nine million units of these things!!! My cargo is full, I am broke.

Oh, and he seems to think that I needed a makeup now that I were to become a pirate.
I think it is supposed to resemble an old comic-book villain from earth.
I dont mind the makeup, but the scars on my face will remain until I get pod-killed and into my new clone.
I wonder if that will be sane? No, probably not.

Cute mmh?

Atleast life with these nutters in my head is not boring!
I will have to write down how it is that they are speaking to me, but I think it is best that I take some strong sleep drugs to make the journey without further incidents..
My trusty autopilot-cat will have to drive.
Great lad, we have much incommon.

Except he cannot fly a ship ofcourse, the computer does that.. but SOMEONE must sit at the helm.

No scratching my commander-chair, and stop looking at me like that!

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