Friday, 29 January 2010

What a warm welcome!

So I am back in space, after my trip abroad I wrote about last time..
Lots of things have transpired while I was gone, but thanks to my lovely Iphone I was able to follow events with Ushra´Khan and the war against CVA, the Goonies blundering with their wallets and whatnot..
(I admit I also forgot to pay my alt-corps hangar bill too once, but not much happens then.. unlike Goons) ;)

Right before I left (like an hour before I was due to leave) I went on a black ops roam I meant to write about, but there were so many newsposts to read over I never had the free time to write something up..
(also busy boozing and skiiing) ;)
Fortunately an alliance mate wrote about it HERE.
Was so damn fun, but it cost me some wife aggro.. apparently you are supposed to get ready the hours before departure on a long journey.. not play spaceships??!?!

Anyway, what is a more fitting return to space then this:

Thats right, we took the station in D-GTMI from CVA last night!
Epic fight, if abit one-sided..
Lag was not as bad as I feared, did not get any disconnects and even got off plenty of shots from my guns!
What CVA was doing in that fight is up for debate tho, and is being discussed on various forums, but I hope they learn some lessons and/or replace some FC´s ;)

Even as I stumbled off to bed from that fight last night, I took my Iphone and updated "" as I always do before turning in, and already there were posts aplenty about the fight. A good write-up HERE.
-This got me thinking tho, in this war there are plenty of bloggers on either side, and I got to think on how they would spin this newsbit individually..
I mean, some might write it from their side, or try to be alittle objective.. and then some just try to churn out propaganda. :)
So I´ll try to find all the different bloggers for each "side" of this and make a little list.. If you know of one related to UK, -A-, SYS-K etc/CVA then make a comment or send me a mail/pm.

So.. next time I´ll post the first issue of.... BLOGWARS!

Fly safely, use a podbelt!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A new year, a new beginning.

Catch region, in a huge station a lone Gallente pilot enters a seedy bar.
The place is fairly crowded with mostly Matari capsuleers.. No ordinary crew admitted, and it shows on the crowd as it is a rather quiet and respectful air to the room.
He proceeds to the barkeep and orders their strongest home-made.
"Sure yer up fer that son?" the bartender asks with a grin.
The man laughs back "I´ve been in drinking games with the craziest bastards of our time, I´ll be fine."

The man takes a sip and surveys the crowd when the barkeep leans over and asks, "So what´s yer story?? Ye look a mite out of place."
The man snaps back his gaze to the barkeep, "Aye, aint I in the butthole of the universe now mh?" He laughs and sips his drink.
"But sure.. where do I start.."

"I been flying as a Pirate for near a year now, mostly with the organization known as The Python Cartel and it has been a great deal of fun and mayhem.
But sadly no matter how great fellas they might be, they aint sharin my work-hours so to speak.. and so most of the time I wake up and get to read their reports of all the fun they had while I was asleep.

Also, I got some major bounties on me right now, so Empire space is not safe.. -not even low-sec.
This seemed like a good time to realize my dream of living in the great wild with this group I´ve heard so much about during the years, the Mirkur Draug'Tyr of Ushra'Khan.
I admire their covert way of doing things, and the deadly guerilla warfare gangs they employ, plus out here my hunters cant really get to me that easy eh?

So it seems a good deal that I get some protection, make some new friends, explore some new space and still get to do what I love best, fly around and kill stuff."
The barkeep laughs and raises a drink in toast, "Aye, death to the slavers!" -He shouts with zeal.
A resounding "DEATH TO THE SLAVERS" is heard as the rest of the room picks up the call, their fists raised to the sky.

So There ye have it.
I´ve gone off the deep end, way down into nullsec.
My reasons in the in-character bit up there, but I will miss the Pythons fiercely, although they are all US pansies with their OPs late at night, the few I could attend I loved every second of.

Farewell, ye been a great bunch, and are highly recommended.
So far the new gang seems too good to be true, but I´ll reveal more as I get to know em. ;)

I really joined up in an exciting time for [UNITY], as we´re both fighting the Goons and the Slavers up north.. for a primer of the area I now live in read this bit by my new Ally OMBEY.
And now it is time to update the MAP I MADE a few months ago, when I looked at the world as a lowly pirate...

(click to enlarge)
-This is my quick-paint version of how things are today..

Oh and a funny thing.. reading the alliance history HERE, i saw that they "began operations in Molden Heath, residing in the back water low security space of the Minmatar Republic."
-Wich is exactly where I started my EvE career. ;)

So maybe we are meant to be? So far so good..
Sadly I will be going on a weeks vacation starting saturday.
Who wants to ski around some silly slopes of Andorra when you can fly internet spaceships with new friends?? I´ll let ye know.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Market PvP!

So holidays are past, and time to get back into space!

Mostly been sitting in station when logged in during the holidays, been trying out some "Market PvP"

I was made aware of the massive fluctuations on the market on an item named "Technetium" by Helicity, and found a thread on EvE-forums where Akita-T talked about the "new bottleneck" in T2 production etc etc..
Was lots of talk about industrial stuff that I did not get, but I found this THREADMONSTER over at Scrapheap Challenge, and it really got me turned on to playing the market and investing in such things..

Apparently this is the deal:
CCP changed many T2 blueprints, and now many many more require items made by Technetium.. such as Nanotransistors and the like..
And, "Tech-moons" are apparently rare, or up north in space plagued by wars.
The ones that has crunched the math-numbers are figuring that Technetium will have to be above 100k in price, even up as far as 150k!

Prices have gone up and down since dominion... most of the market savvy folk bought at 10-20k, and have already sold and re-bought a few times if I am to believe forum posts.
They did not anticipate the prices being this wild I guess, but it got to be famous in a way.. so before it will stabilize over 100k, I estimate it will fluctuate wildly going up and down between 30-80k.
Just undocked from Jita as I am writing this and it was at 35k, so take the opportunity and buy some!
-Just dont use money you may need soon, as it might be february/march until the prices are real good.

In other news... soon there will be... HULKAGEDDON ! ! ! (2) ;)
Helicity is organizing this years slaughter of miners with even more prizes and events then last.
Already there have been cries of agony, and the event has not even started!
Poor Heli has even been compared to Hitler and Stalin by some upset individuals that cannot tell the difference between the game and real life, and believes Heli is some kind of evil twisted person.
*groans about humanity*
Anyway.. this will be great fun, read up more of it HERE.