Friday, 25 February 2011

Blinky BLINK!

There is this "lottery/gambling" site named SOMER.blink that I have been keeping my eye on for a while now..
Not really bothered with it as I thought it could only be accessed through in-game browser, and while I play I got better things to do :)
BUT, it seems you only have to REGISTER through the IGB, and then can play from wherever!!

Soo.. perfect to be monitoring while at work, if some good deal shows up I want to gamble on :=)

Also, why I start with this now is that they are going to hold a special lottery for a TITAN and ticket price is only 500k ISK.. And while the chances are low of winning that, chances are even smaller if you dont play at all. :P

Back in the day I played some EvE Online Hold´em and DID PRETTY GOOD, hope I have just as much luck in this too eh??

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Back to writing..need outlet :=)

Hullo folks.
It has been many months since my last confess.. err blogpost.
I have been playing the game and following all stories and blogs, but I felt that posting would be kinda boring as I have not been playing my PvP character (Yargok).
Reasons for this is highly personal, but long story short: Had no time to devote to roams and CTAs etc.

EvE is funny that way.. It makes you subscribe to a game where you are only logging in to switch skills training..
So Yarries account has been active and training this whole time.
I guess I did not get much bang for my buck, but as I knew I would be back I atleast got some long skills out of the way (Minnie cruiser V, Recon V, Logi V) etc etc

Also did train up to a carrier on my Indy character.. purely for logistic reasons. So if Yarrie were to deploy out to low sec or 0.0 I´ll want the transport to go smoothly ;)

So while I have some plans for Yargok such as wh hunting solo etc I also have other plans and goals I will be writing about here from now on.

"PvE and stuffz on a PvP blog? Outrageous!"
-Not really, as this has been inactive for so long, and I doubt anyone checks it.. I can write and do what I want! -And you imaginary readers cant object..
So there!
I just miss blogging.. so.. here we go!

This public service announcement was brought to you by Yarrie the ex Pirate and was inspired by THIS POST.