Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Run Silent, run deep.

Running silent, Running deep, we are your final prayer,
Warriors in secret sleep, a merchantman's nightmare,
A silent death lies waiting, for all of you below,
Running silent, Running deep, sink into your final sleep.

A few updates from this weekend, was a pretty good one!
Lots of fun happenings, roams and gangs and camps, and Yar/Gok have been quiet!
Have joined up with the Python gang and moved homebase , im still in the same alliance but now taking orders from esteemed gentlemen such as:
Golden Helmet

and Spectre

I´m in good hands eh?

They are very capable pirates tho, whenever we go out they attract targets!
We went on sunday to a "Secret fishingspot"
If you´ve ever gone planetside and engaged in "fishing" you know that sometimes you find that hidden backwater area, secluded and untouched, ripe with big fat fishies.

I wont go into details as I do not want to spoil our spot, but with a little trixing we ended up in a part of space where the drakes and ferox´s go to mate.
(read: do missions)
Our small gang scanned down target after target, and like with a successful fishingtrip, our holds were so full of loot we had to return home even though the area was still full if prey.
Took my hangar crew an hour to clean off all the pod-goo splattered on my Thorax.

Mental note, get an Afterburner fitted next time, as MWD does not work inside a warp-gate where the missioners dwell..
Oh, and I have placed second in a "space-photo" contest!
Point your holo-feeds HERE
In other news..
The Caldari school of applied knowledge does not seem to pass along much knowledge to their stutents..
Why would you go into a low security system with a badger to mine kernite?

And not just any system, Ishomilken! -Home of the Guristas Associates!
This system is not some quiet low sec, it is filled to the brink with bloodthirsty pirates!

What I mean is, we were hunting around some Myrmidon that had trespassed into our domain, when I found a badger on scan at a remote ore-belt.

I quickly scanned it down and jumped to engage.
He died very quickly, and seeing his low age I found no use to ransom him, instead I thought I´d help him, make this experience a valuable lesson!
So after his ship and pod were turned into space-debris I sent him a friendly letter explaining the dangers of going into low-security space, how he would not be making any more ISK there but should stick to mining veldspar for now, and not go into such places again unless ready and looking for a fight.

Something like that, did not get any word back from him, but looking at the confirmed kills listings this morning I found THIS

Apparently about fifty minutes after my first "lesson" and advice he takes a bantam and goes to try the same thing AGAIN!!
This time apparently a fellow Gurista put a stop to him..
Definition of ignorant i suppose.. to do the same thing over and over and expect different results!


  1. Come on now Yarg, what are you doing??? Don't encourage our prey to stay away... you should falsely explain to him that lowsec is awesome and safe and profitable so they keep coming back for more :)

  2. Think he would buy that after being shot to smithereens?

    Wait, I underestimate his dumbness.. he did not even take my advice, so you are probably right.

    I should have told him to buy timecodes, sell them for ISK, buy a navy something and go fly it into Aurohunen.

  3. In good hands indeed.

    Is that Markoolio?


  4. Hey Yargok!

    Welcome to the EVE blogging community!

    I added your blog to my EVE Player Blogroll and will list your blog amongst the recent additions in an upcoming post.

    I'd appreciate if you made a post about it and added the blogroll page link to your blogroll!