Wednesday, 16 December 2009

RL job in EvE?

Just want to discuss what I do and what you do in the daily chore that can be translated into EvE :)

-But first, the obligatory "Omg we get a Zephyr" post every blogger is doing..
"Omg Zephyr free shuttle with probes and sleeper-safe!!"

Ok then, I thought of this last night as a corpmate were talking about what he was doing for a RL job.. "What would my job be like in EvE-terms?"
I suppose you could say my day would start with waking up in a backwater planet, -20celcius outside and my shuttle covered with snow.

I would travel a few jumps to a small station in wich I would sit down in my office of a Minmatar/Gallente ship-dealership.
There I would be ordering ships from the various producers, handling the payment of customers and helping with insurance and ship-loans.

Ofcourse there is the customary drinking alot of coffee.. and communing with my Pirate-buddies on what we are going to be up to later in the day, and what some had been up to while I was asleep.

Then the long trip home after 9+ workhours and after a quick bite to eat I jump into the pod for some Piracy!
-That is the general layout of what a normal day for me would be like in EvE-terms.. what is your RL job like? Are you a "student of hedion university" or.. truckdri..err Freighter-pilot?

-Also, I commented on "Bfoster" that I missed his "Babe of the week" and set out to find something hot.. sadly I failed but found something entirely different yet just as arousing!!

(click for larger)

Holy crap that is a sexy picture!
It says "Alex Murtaza" in the top left corner.. props!


  1. Well, I'm unemployed now, but based on my last job, I'd be an intelligence analyst sitting at a desk somewhere working for whatever government I lived in. Why? 'Cause in my last job I was an intelligence analyst for a U.S. Army PATRIOT air & missile defense unit, that's why. :-P

  2. Great concept, I think I'll end up writing a blog entry on this (with credit and a link, natch).

    My job actually could link pretty closely to the EVE world, I think, which makes this all the more entertaining. Megacorp network security... hah!

  3. My job: I'd be the guy that designs propaganda videos and mega-corp advertising prominent scaling the side of skyscrapers in most Gallente metropolises. I'm also responsible for some of the neocom interface you capsuleers use every day. Of course, I have to crank out the occasional Quafe ad just to make some ISK on the side.

  4. Heh, I guess EvE is played by all walks of life.. altho I´ve yet to meet a RL hooker in EvE, unless you count Skye. *scratches head*

  5. My day at work: Drive the iteron to a new system, unload my musical equipment at some random station, play some fuckin HEAVY METAL, have sex with the local women, maybe take a couple of them on a ride in the old itty to the next system over, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat...

    let's just say, I could use a little more isk.

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