Monday, 25 February 2013

Space truckin

So I been back a little while, and trying to gather up my stockpile of ships and items all over the EvE-universe..
There were some exciting trips out to nullsec to gather some lost bombers etc, and some boring highsec truckin too.

But.. I had a big stockpile down in a highsec island (surrounded by lowsec) so I could not get that out so easily.. I mean battleships and other easy to catch targets.

Sure you can travel fit with cloak-mwd and avoid many camps, but I wanted to be smart about it.
And so I started scanning for wormholes in that highsec pocket, wormholes that leads to.. highsec!

I have seen those before (when not looking) and was hoping I would find one, and found one I did!

Oh the joy, it was even close to my new base of operations!
Not only did I skip having to haul past lowsec, but I saved 20+ highsec jumps off my journey!

Really should get a freighter, but that much cash could be spent on PvP instead.. :)

Now to get all cozy and look through my hoard, and sell off what I dont need, so that I am ready to move again when I find a corp to stay with.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

No matter where I try to hide..

-EvE finds me and pulls me back in !!

Well.. I be back in game, or has been a while since before xmas.
I quit during my breakup period with me old girl and at the time, the game was getting pretty old for me.. seen it all done it all etc ;)
But you cannot escape the "evenews" pestering you with juicy events from outer space.. and you start to read up on patchnotes.. on blogs.. etc.. and you realize that much has changed, and it is looking good!

See, one of my main draws of this game was all the stuff there was to discover and learn, and try out.
A favourite pasttime is probably EFT fitting and forum browsing at work.. blogreading on the john.. and general planning of things to do whenever I have a spare moment in my head ;)

It does not help that my new girl is very supportive of gaming and likes to try and watch much of what I do.. so EvE lured me back in.

Now I´ve been catching up on changes and gotten my bearings.. just have to get moving out to combat again.. npc rats, even with the AI changes, do not pose much threat.

Soo many pvp fits already planned and urging to test, damn all the ship changes, so much to try!! :)

About blogging.. I aint sure if I´ll be writing much.. this is mainly to kill some time in the slow hours at work.. and I doubt anyone comes here after the long hiatus anyway.
We´ll see, it might happen as long as it is interesting.. making silly pix with paint is always fun ;)

Fly... into my guns!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fare thee well EvE..

(I stopped blogging a while ago, but I just want to have a closing statement here)

This blog-page has been closed by the Yulai convention as it was in violation of the rules of not sucking.. it might come back, when the pilot does.

/Yar out