Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Pew pew stew!

Dear logjournal-thingy.

A few days have gone since last update, but I´ve been so busy you see.. KILLING STUFF!

The new home I found in this pirating organization is perfect.
There is always someone that is on their way of to start some miscief, and everyone is friendly to a pirate-trainee such as myself, very helpful and forgiving.

The home system here is controlled by us, wich is something I´ve never seen in low-security space before.. there is always twenty or more of us in system, and if a lone straggler manages to venture in.. they do not last long.

I have had so many adventures and experiences my mind has not processed it all yet.. but Yar/Gok seems satisfied.

And ahh, the life of a pirate..
It is most awesome, the fellowship of a small gang, going out to hunt.
The elation when the comms verify a target found and tackled.
The thrill of combat and adrenaline, blocking all the crazy voices.
The sounds of my blasters discharging and the pleas of mercy from our victims.

I have not even lost a ship yet!
My trusty Incursus has several dents and bulletholes, but I keep them as merits of service..
He has survived many kills, and I have grown fond of him.. maybe I´ll store him away somewhere if he gets a few more..
As I am sure as I´ll become the most feared pirate in new eden, there will be plenty of collectors that would want to buy the famous pink-frigate that I killed my first victims in!
Especially proud of the drake it took down, with only the help of another frigate and a cruiser!
Another drake we killed were so impressed with us, we managed to convert him from his evil ways of shooting random belt-rats to the ways of the pirate!

The incursus does have his shortcomings though, and I am working on my abilities to fire autocannons to use on the Rifter I purchased.. so maybe the "pink incursus" will be retired soon.

The wicked wabbit of woe!


  1. For the time being be satisfied to be part of one of the most feared pie corporations in New Eden. The most feared pirate thing will take a bit longer ;)

  2. "pie corporations" ???

    Is that like, evil clowns throwing steamy-hot pies in peoples faces?

    I fear thee, sir.

  3. I'm glad you're having fun :) We need to go roam some time in some inkys.

  4. Yeah 6pac - I got pie launchers on my ship.

    Meet me in the Citadel region and I show them to you ^^

  5. Roaming for sure!

    Had a small fight with your Pythonmate
    "Kaz" (http://kazaji.blogspot.com/)
    We took on a stabber.. was a very good fight.. might have to write it down.

    Oh, and Pie launchers?
    Us that to mess with target ship sensors?

    Like in "Spaceballs" the movie?
    Scannerguy: We´ve been jammed!
    *jam runs down his scanning display*
    Big Helmet: What flavor?

    and so on.. :P

  6. Was a fun fight! Couldn't break that damn Stabber's tank. If only I had more than a point on that probe. But then again, it's not meant for combat. :P

    Hope to fly with you again!