Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Moby Dick in space!

Soo, I was playing whale-hunter the other day, and caught me a big fat ORCA!
But funfact: Orcas are called "Killer Whales" but they are actually part of the Dolphin family. ;)

I had been out taking care of the gazillions of snowflakes that had found it necessary to land on my yard, thus creating meter-high snowpiles.. and what better way to wind down and relax then fly some spaceships!?!?

So I logged on and found only "Jaxxon Voers" and "Kyle Langdon" active in our system, and as both are corpmates I cant really shoot em.. much.
But a roam to the nearby busy "Old man star" felt too taxing, so I took out my old Harbinger and flew it to a ninjaspot near the highsec gate in the system.

Usually you have a scout on the other side of the gate, so you know when something is about to jump in, and what it is.. but I felt silly and just wanted to attack whatever came, be it a huge factionwarfare blob, or a lone hauler.

But nothing came through.
It was just us three Pythons in local doing nothing really.. chatting a bit and maybe browsing something silly with the in-game browser :)

But suddenly local went up by one, and i quickly hit the warp button.
Pulse went up, excitement on what was going to materialize..
Waited.. nothing.. "cant be a threat to me, as he dares not decloak, or he is waiting for friends" i thought.

Suddenly slightly below me the massive hull of an Orca materialized.
Many thoughts rushed through my head, "Is he alone, naah cant be.. can I take him? not likely as this ship cant tank gateguns for too long and they usually have a worthy tank.." etc etc..
But fuckit, I can always warp out if it wont work.. so I locked and warp-disrupted him.

-I shouted in corp-chat, and though my friends got excited, they did not have any big ships in system.. (we´re in a vacation-system atm so not everyone has thier entire ship-selection here)
But being the warriors they are, they came to lend what help they could, Jaxxon in a Thorax and Kyle in a Rifter.
-The orca had some ECM-600 drones that actually broke my lock initially, but as it is slow to align and warp I managed to get the point back on before it got away.

The gateguns were hurting me badly, and with only one repper my Harbinger was going into structure now.. everything had been overheated and red warningsigns lit up the cockpit.
"I have to bail, trying to go get a bigger ship.. hold him if you can, but take no risks in vain"
-I said as I warped off to our station nearby..
And held him they did.
Kyle managed to bump him with the Rifter, so that he could not align to gate or other objects, while Jaxxon tanked the gateguns and kept a point in his hero-tanked Thorax.

Never has the "wait 20+ seconds in station before switching ships" felt sooo long.. But finally my Armageddon-class battleship lumbered out of the docking bay and warped to the gate as fast as it could.
I landed and locked it up again, relieved that it was still there, and Jaxxon warped off with his ship trailing fire. He told me later that he had not been able to hold out many seconds more.

Now with the superior tank of the Armageddon, and Kyles bumping keeping the Orca from getting back to the gate it was just a matter of shooting it to pieces.

And shoot it I did.

(The wreck of the Orca)

Sadly the loot-gods did not look kindly to killing endangered dolphin-whales so the rewards were bad, but the encounter was worth many millions to the three happy pirates.

Much cheering was had, and 15 seconds after we left the gate our esteemed leader mr "Spectre3353353" came online.. and so we got to tease him that had he been just a little faster he could have had the joy of killing an Orca.
-He blamed hot coco or something.. :)

I want to thank my Harbinger for taking such a beating and still flying, Jaxxon´s hero-Thorax and Kyles mad bumping-skills. *salute*

(What is left of my Harbinger)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dramiel 101

I´ve seen some forumposts and blogs about the Dramiel lately, so I thought I´d share what I know of this awesome ship.

First, read Skye´s blog.
That is the AC fit.

Then go to contracts, type in "DRAMIEL" and get one close to you, or go to Jita where most seems to be.
-While in Contracts screen, type in "Gistii B-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive" and buy one of those too.
Some might get cheap here and opt for a normal MWD, but it is the key factor for this fit, as it allows you to be cap stable, zipping around at 6000m/s laughing at anything trying to catch/shoot ye.

For the rest of the fit, I opted to go with Jaxxon´s Arty fit, as I saw him topping the damage-charts on it when the Pythons did Amamake (look at dec 8:th)
And I liked the idea of staying further out if in a gang and target being tackled by others.

[Dramiel, Arties]
Micro Aux Power Core
Tracking Enhancer II
Overdrive Injector System II

Gistii B-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive
Warp Disruptor II
Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction
Cap Recharger II

250mm Light Artillery Cannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
250mm Light Artillery Cannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S

Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Ancillary Current Router I

Warrior II x4

Then practise flying it.
Train on some belt rats or a can whatever, but get used to going really fast around your target.
-It gets tricky when there are multiple targets on the field, as you dont want to get too close and get scrammed, but most of the time even then, your speed carries you out of scram-range.

Look at Skyes "How to tackle a sniper-ship" over at Spectre.

The Dramiel has been a part of 193 kills in Python and we have only lost 4.
(I think two were to gateguns, cant speed-tank those!! -Silly Pythonlemmings )
But the one where a Cruor got his faction web on Brick stands out, steer clear of things with web/scram bonuses mmmkay? ;)

I cant remember if you needed AWU IV for this (Advanced Weapon Upgrades, makes guns req less powergrid) but there are also implants that does the trick.

If you do it right, you will get plenty of kills in this, they are just awesome when they are in a gang or flock or.. flight, whatever :)
100m is alot for a Frigate I agree, but you must factor in both how big the chance of you dying in it are, also how bloody fun it is to fly!

...Plus it looks good. ;)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

RL job in EvE?

Just want to discuss what I do and what you do in the daily chore that can be translated into EvE :)

-But first, the obligatory "Omg we get a Zephyr" post every blogger is doing..
"Omg Zephyr free shuttle with probes and sleeper-safe!!"

Ok then, I thought of this last night as a corpmate were talking about what he was doing for a RL job.. "What would my job be like in EvE-terms?"
I suppose you could say my day would start with waking up in a backwater planet, -20celcius outside and my shuttle covered with snow.

I would travel a few jumps to a small station in wich I would sit down in my office of a Minmatar/Gallente ship-dealership.
There I would be ordering ships from the various producers, handling the payment of customers and helping with insurance and ship-loans.

Ofcourse there is the customary drinking alot of coffee.. and communing with my Pirate-buddies on what we are going to be up to later in the day, and what some had been up to while I was asleep.

Then the long trip home after 9+ workhours and after a quick bite to eat I jump into the pod for some Piracy!
-That is the general layout of what a normal day for me would be like in EvE-terms.. what is your RL job like? Are you a "student of hedion university" or.. truckdri..err Freighter-pilot?

-Also, I commented on "Bfoster" that I missed his "Babe of the week" and set out to find something hot.. sadly I failed but found something entirely different yet just as arousing!!

(click for larger)

Holy crap that is a sexy picture!
It says "Alex Murtaza" in the top left corner.. props!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Mining with Carrier?

Greetings and Salutations!
This is the breakdown of last nights events in "Dour"
(Actually a pretty cheerful system..for us.)

"I´ve said it before, dont do something dangerous for too long in EvE, eventually someone will find out and counter it."

What transpired last night started with a call in "Python public" (where all the cool kids hang) -that there were a mining op going on in a system named "Dour" and it consisted of a few barges and a carrier.

"Dour" we said, where is that? -Oh not very far!! Shall we go check it out? -Sure! Fast gankships!
Or something like that... :)

We set out a few of us in stuff like Taranis, Jaguar, Rapier and a few more got the news and started off as time went by.

We stopped one system before and sent a scout, crap! -They were not in a belt, but rather mining in a grav-site or a mission!!

A prober-alt were quickly sent for, and it gave time for more allies to join up on our position.

Our competent prober went in and quickly got a hit on four barges, and warped in cloaked to have a look.
"They are all in a big grav-site, mining.. but pretty far off from eachother, with the carrier and a Deimos in the middle."

We reasoned that simply warping into the middle and going for em would probably let a few get away.. so we had the prober make four bookmarks, one for each miningbarge, and come back to the system we were waiting in and deliver them.
Then four squads were formed, and so each squad would warp right ontop of each barge and blast it and get out.

It worked Pretty damn well! -I think one got away, or if it only were three.. its fuzzy :)

Funny enough, the Carrier and Deimos warped off, so we stuck around and looted some stripminers and whatnot.. (damn the small holds of the Taranis!!)
-Until an Onyx warped into the site.
"Kill that Onyx!" Our esteemed FC mr Spectre333553353, quickly ordered.
It had a pretty good shield, but soon a Thorax warped in, so we switched dps to that and it blew up in a few seconds! (Horrible fit)
Before we could get back to the Onyx the Carrier returned along with a Myrmidon and Sleipnir.. so we decided to get out while we were ahead..

Skye and Brick in their Keres(?) and Vaga stuck around far off range and played with them alittle.. they only sent the carriers fighters after em, but after two died (apparently worth around 15mil) the carrier pulled the rest back and left.

The gang was about to leave so our bold fighters warped in and caught the Sleipnir.
We said "fuck it" and warped in to engage, and to our surprise, when we landed the Myrm and Onyx left!
What? their big advantage leaves? Oh this is just too good.
So we melted the Sleip down, watching scan for the gang.. nothing... until he explodes then the lone Onyx warps in.
That is also taken care of, but it had a nice tank, my Caldari Antimatter did little damage to his huge resist tank!
-Even if it took a good while to get him down, no help came... until he was dead ofcourse, when the Myrm finally comes.
We are a bit confused with their tactics of sending the ships one and one, and this Myrm did not do much damagewise.. had a hell of a tank tho!

So we start working on the Myrm, slowly getting him down, but his peak recharge was a tough nut.. Fortunately they provide some entertainment to what was a long kill with sending a lone flycatcher on top of us.
PEW -It does in a heartbeat.. thank ye!

Back to the Myrm and we dare not overheat guns more, plus Spec is running out of Ammo!
Skye then finds some medium EMP in a wreck for Brick to up his damage with, and finally IT GOES DOWN!
-Spec had three rounds left, I think I had 21.. Damn, it took 112114 damage to kill it!

End result of a very successful mining op:

(click to enlarge)

-So listen to UncaSpec kids, never do a dangerous thing in EvE for too long.. someone will find you and counter you!

Camping a gate for too long? -Word will get around and a bunch of highsec pvpers will come through that gate after you take their bait.

Showing off your carrier for too long? -Someone else will drop 10 dreads on you eventually.

Mining in lowsec with a carrier for too long? -Python cartel will come fuck you up!

And now for something completely different.

As I said last blog, all the cool bloggers posts their planet pics and writes about Dominion.. so here is my contribution:

Dominion is cool.

This planet is cool.

(Click to enlarge)

-That is all.

Friday, 4 December 2009

The Universe according to a lowsec pirate

Silly post below!
Just had a little fun with the influence map, inspired by Dante´s "World according to the americans" over at "My god it´s full of stars"

-I found this pic very funny so here is my EvE Universe version;
The Universe according to a lowsec-pirate!

(click for larger)

I use MsPaint because I want to be like Spectre.
-Thats how the cool kids do it.
I recommend everyone to use this now, rather then the boring old original..

In other news us Pythons went on a little vacation to a new system near Old Man Star, nice to have some change of scenery. (especially now with all the new planets)

Oh, and what is it with every bloody blog needing to post pictures of the new planets??
(Yes yes I would have too if I could access my screenshots-folder from work) :P