Monday, 7 December 2009

Mining with Carrier?

Greetings and Salutations!
This is the breakdown of last nights events in "Dour"
(Actually a pretty cheerful system..for us.)

"I´ve said it before, dont do something dangerous for too long in EvE, eventually someone will find out and counter it."

What transpired last night started with a call in "Python public" (where all the cool kids hang) -that there were a mining op going on in a system named "Dour" and it consisted of a few barges and a carrier.

"Dour" we said, where is that? -Oh not very far!! Shall we go check it out? -Sure! Fast gankships!
Or something like that... :)

We set out a few of us in stuff like Taranis, Jaguar, Rapier and a few more got the news and started off as time went by.

We stopped one system before and sent a scout, crap! -They were not in a belt, but rather mining in a grav-site or a mission!!

A prober-alt were quickly sent for, and it gave time for more allies to join up on our position.

Our competent prober went in and quickly got a hit on four barges, and warped in cloaked to have a look.
"They are all in a big grav-site, mining.. but pretty far off from eachother, with the carrier and a Deimos in the middle."

We reasoned that simply warping into the middle and going for em would probably let a few get away.. so we had the prober make four bookmarks, one for each miningbarge, and come back to the system we were waiting in and deliver them.
Then four squads were formed, and so each squad would warp right ontop of each barge and blast it and get out.

It worked Pretty damn well! -I think one got away, or if it only were three.. its fuzzy :)

Funny enough, the Carrier and Deimos warped off, so we stuck around and looted some stripminers and whatnot.. (damn the small holds of the Taranis!!)
-Until an Onyx warped into the site.
"Kill that Onyx!" Our esteemed FC mr Spectre333553353, quickly ordered.
It had a pretty good shield, but soon a Thorax warped in, so we switched dps to that and it blew up in a few seconds! (Horrible fit)
Before we could get back to the Onyx the Carrier returned along with a Myrmidon and Sleipnir.. so we decided to get out while we were ahead..

Skye and Brick in their Keres(?) and Vaga stuck around far off range and played with them alittle.. they only sent the carriers fighters after em, but after two died (apparently worth around 15mil) the carrier pulled the rest back and left.

The gang was about to leave so our bold fighters warped in and caught the Sleipnir.
We said "fuck it" and warped in to engage, and to our surprise, when we landed the Myrm and Onyx left!
What? their big advantage leaves? Oh this is just too good.
So we melted the Sleip down, watching scan for the gang.. nothing... until he explodes then the lone Onyx warps in.
That is also taken care of, but it had a nice tank, my Caldari Antimatter did little damage to his huge resist tank!
-Even if it took a good while to get him down, no help came... until he was dead ofcourse, when the Myrm finally comes.
We are a bit confused with their tactics of sending the ships one and one, and this Myrm did not do much damagewise.. had a hell of a tank tho!

So we start working on the Myrm, slowly getting him down, but his peak recharge was a tough nut.. Fortunately they provide some entertainment to what was a long kill with sending a lone flycatcher on top of us.
PEW -It does in a heartbeat.. thank ye!

Back to the Myrm and we dare not overheat guns more, plus Spec is running out of Ammo!
Skye then finds some medium EMP in a wreck for Brick to up his damage with, and finally IT GOES DOWN!
-Spec had three rounds left, I think I had 21.. Damn, it took 112114 damage to kill it!

End result of a very successful mining op:

(click to enlarge)

-So listen to UncaSpec kids, never do a dangerous thing in EvE for too long.. someone will find you and counter you!

Camping a gate for too long? -Word will get around and a bunch of highsec pvpers will come through that gate after you take their bait.

Showing off your carrier for too long? -Someone else will drop 10 dreads on you eventually.

Mining in lowsec with a carrier for too long? -Python cartel will come fuck you up!

And now for something completely different.

As I said last blog, all the cool bloggers posts their planet pics and writes about Dominion.. so here is my contribution:

Dominion is cool.

This planet is cool.

(Click to enlarge)

-That is all.


  1. Uncle Spec? I hope people don't start calling me that.

  2. Uncle pig fuker worx better