Thursday, 14 May 2009

OOC: Lan games?

Hello there!

This is not an EvE-related or in-character post.
Yargok will have to rest this weekend, wich is good I suppose, I never like training 5day+ skills while playing.. no fast gratification I suppose.
Wich is why I have yet to get Frig V, but now it is cooking!
hm, guess a little EvE snuck in there.

What I wanted to ask was:
I´ve got a few friends coming over this weekend, and we´re going to celebrate one of ´em by doing an old-school LAN-party. :)
I used to to this alot in days of yore, was much easier when everyone had lots of free time and lived closer.

Now, I have not really been following what games are fun to play on a small LAN like this so I was hoping for some tips!
We like to mix it up, so driving, rts, shoot´em up etc wont matter.. if you have a good game to recommend, mail me or comment below.

To make it interesting, if someone manages to give me a good tip and we like it, i´ll give ye 5 mil ISK (no im not cheap, just broke) :)

Oh and dont think you´ll be safe in EvE this weekend! I might log in to show them how you "pwn noobs" in EvE so stay alert!
(ohwait im the noob)


  1. Warsow ( is good fun, free and is basically a "more" cartoon style quake game.

    Bunny hopping is encouraged (just like quake) the maps are neatly made and it has a few different game types.

  2. Diablo II
    Starcraft: Brood War
    Flatout 2
    Left 4 Dead
    Quake 3: Team Arena
    Civilization IV (+ all its expansions)

  3. What everyone else has said +:

    Quake 2
    Age of Empires 2
    Total Annihilation
    Supreme Commander
    Counter-Strike (shut up, CS is fun!)
    MechWarrior 4
    Neverwinter Nights (VERY fun in multiplayer if you have a good group

  4. Just whatever, playing with friends are always fun!