Friday, 4 December 2009

The Universe according to a lowsec pirate

Silly post below!
Just had a little fun with the influence map, inspired by Dante´s "World according to the americans" over at "My god it´s full of stars"

-I found this pic very funny so here is my EvE Universe version;
The Universe according to a lowsec-pirate!

(click for larger)

I use MsPaint because I want to be like Spectre.
-Thats how the cool kids do it.
I recommend everyone to use this now, rather then the boring old original..

In other news us Pythons went on a little vacation to a new system near Old Man Star, nice to have some change of scenery. (especially now with all the new planets)

Oh, and what is it with every bloody blog needing to post pictures of the new planets??
(Yes yes I would have too if I could access my screenshots-folder from work) :P


  1. Ushra Cool, how funny and how very true!!!

  2. MS Paint rocks. GIMP works well too in a pinch.

  3. No pics or comments on my blog about the changes. Just pointing out it's not "every blog"


  4. Not important eh? I shall remember indeed

  5. You must have a planet pic and a dominion rant.. its all the rage!!!