Monday, 6 April 2009

Weekend warrior


Slow week, my shipments of items and ships I ordered came in, and there was much organizing to be done.. much fitting of the ships, and planning their setups.

This did not sit too well with Yar/Gok, but there was an operation planned for sunday that would satisfy their bloodlust.

Funny enough, before any major event, I seem to have a small one.

Sunday morning, I was hunting the nearby systems with my great mentor mr "H.Lecter"
Funny guy.. one of the most successful killers in our alliance, but in person he is helpful, friendly and quick to a laugh.. must have multiple personalities.. or maybe voices whispering him, like me?
I must ask him about this sometime.

Anyhow, I scanned down an Incursus in a belt, and quickly jumped, but had no hopes up that it would remain... it did!
From its slow reaction time to my precense, and the sudden calls of "paece!" in local comms, I gathered it was a new pilot.

Lecter was on his way, wanting blood I assume, because I was in no danger from her guns.. so I asked him, "what do you ransom a puny T1 frigate for? is it even worth it?"

He suggested a million Isk, wich I suggested to her..
She took some time to power down, but was not doing much damage anyhow... but the money finally came!
My first ransom!
Puny, but a first is a first.

I felt kind of bad, as I realized she was trying to pirate, and was not going to live long around these parts sitting still in belts in her frigate waiting for victims to come to her!

So yes, she had only bought herself two more minutes.. she jumped to a nearby system after our fight, and came back in a pod.. wanting "pierating" advice.

Sorry, I´m no cook!
Much later, time for our big operation!

The commander entered our comms, and told us he wanted fast agile ships with a bite!
We were going on a long...long trip..into 0.0! ! ! Nullsec, the most feared killinggrounds in new eden!

I opted for a "Thrasher" with plenty of firepower and speed, not flown this before, but it did sounded fun.

The trip down was a bit dull.. It was 40! jumps through lowsec!
Yar started whispering, but he got his when we made a quick stop to kill a Rupture.

But.. the morale was high, and we had fun on the comms, making our way to what would be a quick slaughter or them.

There it was, the gate.. nullsec was on the other side!
The plan was apparently to jump in and burn 2 jumps in to a secluded pocked where a big corporation around here would normally be mining ice.. if we were too slow they would get warned on their Intel channels.

We flew like crazy, pushing the ships to their limit.. and I noticed the Thrasher was a really slow warping ship!! Me and the others in destroyer-class ships were lagging slightly behind!!

I heard on the comms, those that had landed had found targets and engaged!
I landed, and what a sight!
Trapped in our interdictor bubble was several expensive "mackinaw" mining barges, and an ORCA!
The ensuing slaughterfest was a blast.. we got a Mackinaw, retriever, mack, ORCA and a Megathron who warped in to help his mates..

Apparently in our wild charge, a third mackinaw pilot got so spooked, he abandoned his ship and tried to flee in his pod! (that wont work buster!!)

So the call went out if we had anyone among us able to fly such a ship.. the prospects of that seemed low, us being pirates and not miners, but luckily we had a former miner among us!

He parked his ship safely, and collected the mack.. meanwhile our leader had found that the local system the gang we attacked lived in was dockable!

So he docked up there, and put the ship up for sale on the local market.. I cant remember the sum, but 120mil maybe?
Ten minues later the ejecting pilot bought back his ship.. hah.

It was a blast.. and we quickly left the system after, as we knew a large fleet would soon drop to protect their home..
But, as we had suffered no losses, and we were planning to anyway.. we figured we´d go in and cause more havoc around here!

And we did.
Typhoon, hurricane, drake, raven, brutix, drake and a Phobos! -fell to us before we had lost half the fleet and retreated back to where we came..
Well, those were the ones that my ships computed registered I had a part in.. we probably took down 7ish more ships that I did not get to shoot at in the great melee.

What a damn great day.. Oh and did I mention I survived? -ship bruised, but it flies still!

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