Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fail gfx-card anyone?

Anyone else done an impulse-buy gone wrong?

Story is this, my old gfx card really had no problems, its just that it was very loud in a strange way, it kind of "buzzed" at each instance it had to work, and the harder the louder :)

So when in town one day, a local store had a good price at an ATI card, a real killer for a good price, or so I thought.

Sure, it has potential, but this crap is even louder then the old, but constantly to keep cool..
Also, bugs bugs bugs in each game!

I mean, I´ve had little time for EvE lately due to moving my lass´s floristshop, so when I got a weekend to play, what does it do?
It decides to make the screen go dark at random intervals..
-Not so bad if its just in warp a little, but this weekend alone it cost me:
A thorax, a thrasher, an incursus and 2 pods :(

Thorax was after jumping through a gate, screen dark.....come on..... sounds of destruction, and lo and behold, a Domi kills me, but I get screen back in time to warp away.

The Thrasher was in Old man star, Skye was in a belt in a fight and me and Spec was on our way to help as our target had friends.. as I warped the screen went dark, while Skye shouted on vent that a huge blob had landed... oh great! Poof goes my ship and pod, my screen comes back to the view of a stations insides.. *mutters*

So I upgraded my clone, grabbed an Incursus and thought I´d fly through Hisec to catch up with them... undock, warp to gate....DARKNESS!
Once again while "blind" all I can do is wait for it to come back, hoping nothing bad is waiting..
But this was a gate to highsec that is rarely camped...right?
Wrong, I hear the discharge of huge hybrid guns and hey presto! -Once again my screen comes back to the view of this damn station.

That Megathron must have thought me dumb to land on the gate with him, and staying long enough for him to lock, kill, and then lock pod and kill that...

Cheap GFX card anyone?
Not sure if it is Asus or ATI to blame, but I´ll try different older driver versions tonight..


  1. Yea definitely try some different drivers. Also check the Eve support forums and see if anyone had similar issues with the same card.

  2. Mmm seemed stable after going for an older version last night, but was not out that long.

    Will definately only fly cheap stuff until I know for sure it has stopped.. :)

    Also spec, my unlucky streak pales compared to yours, so I guess it could have been worse ;)

  3. I had similar problems with a EVGA card, it was overheating. EVGA cards have lifetime warranty's, so I just sent it back and they replaced it.

    See if ATI or GFX has some type of temp monitor for that card.

  4. Oh sure, fan-control comes with it.. its not overheating I think, its just loud to keep the temp down.

    Temp is around 65c I think.
    Dont think it is an overheat thingy, just a drivers problem.. had no blackouts last night with an older driver.

    Bleh, noticed last night that the new card wont detect my TV... *facepalms*