Monday, 23 November 2009


Just want to do a bit of advertising..

Got my Iphone now, after struggling if I should get it for sooo long. :)
(I like the phones that fold so the display is protected.. also, I dislike Apple) ;)

Pretty handy phone/mini-computer, but the main reason to get it is:
Wich I heard of a while back on Roc´s blog.. but did not see much use for it (it said you could keep track of your training queue etc)
But I am pretty good at remembering to train, so that did not feel like a necessary feature.

It also has the latest CCP news/devblogs PLUS all the blogpack blogs!

So if yer headin for the john/a train or busride/eating breakfast etc etc.. forget newspapers!
Start Capsuleer, open the blogspage and click update.. then ye have all the reading you can ever want!

P.S Mad props to Mynxee for her Aurora voice.


  1. I also have Capsuleer on my iPod Touch I got a few days ago, haven't checked the blog pack yet, primarily because I don't have internet everywhere, but it's pretty cool.

  2. Blog pack is a great read! And they all update so frequently, always a new post to digest.