Wednesday, 20 May 2009

OOC: Lan fun!

Weekend over, back to work and EvE.

The LAN I had last weekend was a great success (read last post)
Thanks for all the great tips I got from letters, comments and on the forums, we had plenty games to try and had great fun!

A good thing I installed and tried most games first so that no unnessesary patching and debugging had to be done while we were all gathered, it all went smooth, install and go!

And now to announce the best game we had most fun/played most:
Empire Earth
-We were originally going for Civ4, but a few had never tried it, so then the going would be very slow in the beginning.. waiting for turns etc, so we needed a "turnless" game similar to that one.
I found in my old collection Empire Earth and we tried it, and got hooked.
Two participants even dreamt about it and came over early the next morning hungry for more!
I have since learnt that EE2 is also a great game, but EE3 is crap.. so we´ll be trying EE2 next time.

The other games we ended up playing the most out of all we tried were:
AvP2 -Awesome fun in multiplayer.. especially "survivor" mode.
MTASA -A Multiplayer mode for San Andreas, very fun racetracks or just dicking around in.
Serious Sam2 - I think it was SS2, not sure, but was very fun in the Co-op mode blasting aliens.
Smokin´ Guns -A free player-made wild west shooter.. old but fun!

We tried a bunch more, but those really stuck with us and worked well.
Overall great fun, sadly nobody won the contest of "best game tip" as I found the best game myself (!) :)
-But I´ll save up some more iskies and have a new contest.
Maybe i´ll find a random wormhole, hide there then put a bounty that whoever finds me gets a billion! :P "Find the fool in the wormhole!"
In EvE related news, my corp "The Python Cartel" has left the alliance of the Black Rabbits.
It is a little sad for me, as the training section of the rabbits introduced me to a life of piracy.. but it got too big for us, and the Pythons work best in a small agile group.

Ah well, makes life more interesting, more bullets to dodge!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

OOC: Lan games?

Hello there!

This is not an EvE-related or in-character post.
Yargok will have to rest this weekend, wich is good I suppose, I never like training 5day+ skills while playing.. no fast gratification I suppose.
Wich is why I have yet to get Frig V, but now it is cooking!
hm, guess a little EvE snuck in there.

What I wanted to ask was:
I´ve got a few friends coming over this weekend, and we´re going to celebrate one of ´em by doing an old-school LAN-party. :)
I used to to this alot in days of yore, was much easier when everyone had lots of free time and lived closer.

Now, I have not really been following what games are fun to play on a small LAN like this so I was hoping for some tips!
We like to mix it up, so driving, rts, shoot´em up etc wont matter.. if you have a good game to recommend, mail me or comment below.

To make it interesting, if someone manages to give me a good tip and we like it, i´ll give ye 5 mil ISK (no im not cheap, just broke) :)

Oh and dont think you´ll be safe in EvE this weekend! I might log in to show them how you "pwn noobs" in EvE so stay alert!
(ohwait im the noob)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Aces High

Running, scrambling, flying
Rolling, turning, diving, going in again
Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Run, live to fly, fly to live, Aces high

Ah, the adrenaline of a good dogfight!
When the dance of death starts, when the hail of ammunition fills the space between the combattants.. it is so beautiful.

I had been scouting for targets all day, and every juicy one was at a POS or hugging stations/safespotted.
So I decided to try a little "Spectre"
What I mean is, Spec is very adapt at getting a fight from someone,
and on his terms.
So when I found a Cormorant, a destroyer class ship sitting still outside a station I tried a bit of persuation.
The Cormorant can be very deadly to a small frigate like the one I was in, if it is in the hands of a skilled player and fitted the small blasters it has bonuses for.
In this instance, the player was a neutral about as old as me, so I ventured he would not be very well equipped.
The problem was, since he was just outside a station, I could not engage him in my little Frigate.. the guns would shoot me instantly.. or he would just dock.

But if you do an agressive act outside, even against a red blinky like me, you cannot dock for a while.. so I locked and orbited the destroyer, hoping he would feel cocky at taking on a smaller ship.. and since I am an outlaw, he could engage me without reprecussions.
And he did.

Silly person!
Now I can shoot back, and you are not going anywhere!
Turned on all my offensive modules and blasted into him.
I noticed he had big troubles hitting me at all, even if he had 8 guns and I had 3, his was either not meant for the ship, or too slow to track me as I speedily orbited him.

Dead destroyer!
I bet he feels silly now! Seldom have my shiplogs recorded a worse fit ship, also he was the one who started the fight, so he cant really whine about it eh?
You thinkin you tough?

Fight me HERE
(Really fast to make a fighter and challenge me..)

Also, I was added to the EvE Blogroll
over at Crazykinux
Needless to say, there is alot of reading material out there on "teh intarwebz" so pop over and rummage through the multitudes of stuff available.
That is the wonderful things about EvE.. it fits all different kinds of players, from crazy pirates to savvy buisness-types.