Thursday, 9 April 2009

Heaven can wait.

New entry.

Did I mention why I am logging my life here?
And why am I asking a computer log questions??
Ack, did it again.

Err, back to point... it is just so that if I totally loose control to my dear voices, perhaps these stories would explain whatever it is that I do..
Like I have this nightmare of "Gok" taking full control and clones his conciousness into a rabbit body or whatever.. is that possible? heh..

Also, I seem to have blackouts when these episodes occur, so it is good to read up on what I was doing and who I am.. because sometimes it does feel a bit blurry.

But enough of the unpleasantries..
I am going to treat myself to a vacation!

I made some ISK doing market gambling that I am taking the weekend off on a nearby ice planet.. Best Ski-resort in the universe they say!

Skiing is an old earthen sport where you strap planks on your feet and ride them down a snowy mountain.. it sounds crazy but it is nowhere half as deadly as my current profession.

Also, if I do snuff it I will just awake in a fresh clone, wonders of being a capsuleer!
Atleast I hope it works that way..

Space will be safe for a few days.
Yargok out.

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