Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Your first EvExperience.

I was looking at my contact list last night, and saw my old first character.. The poor thing was created in 04 and was played for a month or two, and then has been laying dormant.

But it got me thinking back on EvE in the days of yore, how I percieved the world in my short stint of playing back then..
How did you percieve the world and your role in it? What did you like, fear or was impressed by?

For myself, it is over 5years since I first tried EvE, and my memory of it is fuzzy.
It is mostly kept as images in my head, but the few details I remember is that I pretty quickly found a corporation that recruited me, and they were building ships.
I remember they were very helpful, and I was impressed with their generosity of giving me a mining vessel, but also remember how proud I felt that I got to take part of their business venture.
I think I helped them with research between the mining sessions..
I remember the first time I found a corpmate in space, with my little frigate I flew up and in a formation with him and his huge vessel. For all I know it was probably just a industrial or whatever, but being new you dont know what is kickass and what is ordinary :)
(Sidenote: the Mammoth should really be a fighting vessel.. that model look very "star-destroyer" like!)
I have some vague memories of finding ore belts and mining there, so proud I had found a good place rich with resources..
I have always liked the "hidden treasures" thing.. so to this day the allure of a cache of hacking cans rich with loot waiting to be found does appeal to me greatly ;)
I did not play very long on my first venture into EvE.. I remember I was disappointed that you could not steer your ships, as I have found it helps immersion.
Also, it was a very dark and dangerous place.. I could not imagine why some would freely go down in to the "red areas" I saw on my universe map, where it was lawless and unforgiving.
I mean, I worked very hard for my first ships, and why I would go down and loose them was beyond me at the time..This is my mental image is of how the universe looked back then.
I read stories of pilots going "down there" and some mean pirate would destroy their ship and kill them.. and I remember as I tried to fiddle in the market at the time it was very confusing with escrow and whatnots, so when I tried to make some money taking something from A-B to, it was always a bunch of "red-space" in the way.

So I went off to other games, but having returned to New Eden years later I always try to remember what it was like to be in this cold-harsh world alone and lost.. And how much I´ve learned and discovered since then.
The amazing part about EvE is that I´ve yet only to scratch the surface of things to do and learn.

So widen your horizons!


  1. Thinking back to those times...

    I borrowed my friends account one day while I didn't go to classes. Ah how university life was great. I mined all day in high sec and finished getting enough money to build my first scorpion. I had purchased a BPC several weeks prior.

    I undocked in my first battle ship ever, and then locked and jammed a concord officer just to see what would happen.

    Well, I rage quit for 3 months. That's what happened.

    My characters' name is k0ld (the 0 is a zero, not a letter) and now, he is still my main.

    Back then, I used to make trips into low sec with a mining laser on my Maller to get tastier ore, because back then I never tried to go to null sec.

    Wow, have times changed. Played with 0.0 alliances, ran wormhole ops, produce T2 ships, and the list goes on.

    Such a great time sink this game called Eve.

  2. Heh, i got a battleship! Cmon concord!
    And muning maller, guesd such things made sense back then..