Monday, 1 February 2010

A red sun rises..

Blood has been spilt this night.

As I drove to work this morning, I was met by a unusual red sunrise..
Got me thinkin about Legolas speech in the "Two towers" and how well it reflected what I saw last night in EvE.
Damn roaming in provispace is FUN!
I had a great day yesterday, with my day starting with riding some snowmobiles with me brothers, then after just a day for sale, my old snowmobile got sold and delivered!
I went inside to relax with some EvE and there was a inty/SB roam going on in Provi that Wotlankor FC´d, wich I promptly joined and flew to them with all haste.
He had some nice tricks, one in particular was great fun as it involved going into a system, scaring the miners/ratters and looking wich way they fled.. then bookmarking a spot in their way.. and leaving.
So after they thought we left, our interdictor warps in, bubbles a spot in their "flight-path" and then we charge into the system, trapping them in the bubble as they flee.. Annihilation!

The roam continues like that.. until we take a break and I go into town for some weekend shopping..
Coming home I hop on and see there is a fleet forming to counter a 100+ pilot proviblob!
We gather 100ish guys in various ships and head out to hunt ´em down!
They evade us for some time, jumping systems and using bridges to evade, until we got em on the gate of the neighboring system.
Now, they dont want to jump into us, and we dont want to jump into them.
We have eyes on them, and they probably had eyes on us.
What to do...
So our FC orders us away from the system, into the next, making it look like we are fleeing..
Our eyes on the enemy tells us after a while that they are starting to disengage from the gate, and are maybe taking another route away.. but some were left behind on the gate. (afk? dont listen? who knows!)
So he goes and traps ´em in a bubble, and we charge back through the system and jump into theirs!
Support spread out from the gate and our battleship fleet start pounding away.
I suppose the enemy fleet was in disarray, not coming back to the gate as a whole unit, but in packs and gets stuck in our bubbles and shot by our guns.
Long fight, our FC dies and a stand-in target-caller takes over and does well, as does our logistics.
The end result can only be this.

So much wrecks to loot and drones to scoop!
We had no time or room to take it all, the fleet was needed back around home again ;)

Pre-engagement our fleets were of similar size, and there was no lag to blame for CVA this time.
I say our fleet discipline, tactics and experience gave us this win.
What I would not give to listen to their voicecomms and hear what (if anything) was said.

Speaking of wich, my collection of battlereports for both sides of the D-GTMI battle is almost done,so I´ll post my "Blog-wars" post as soon as I think I got all of ´em.

Fly safe, fly "Air khan"

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  1. Oh, almost forgot this..
    A LFG take on "A red sun rises" :P