Saturday, 6 February 2010

Stupid Carrier kills!

So it seems killing dumb carrier players who either failfit or are reckless with their big shiny ship is the latest rage..
I was reading the blogs of my former corp members in Python about how they killed a failfit dumb carrier in a belt..
Spectre, Skye, Langdon, Helicity, and a TBRA-dude has blogged about it.
And the very next day, I get to do the same!

You see, in the war against CVA+pets us Ushra´Khan and AAA has after taking the station in D-GTMI launched an attack on "9UY" -A very important tradehub and central traffic nexus for CVA.
The attack has not yet seen any resistance.. I dont know if they plan to let us have it for free or if they are running scared, but anyway..
While the big ships are doing their thing in attacking infrastructure hubs and the like, us support are spread around the gates and station, keeping it perma-bubbled and camped.
And since CVA has billions of assets in that station we have taken to keep a permanent presence there between timer-attacks.
It was during such a slow period, where we just chilled, circling the gate, when one of our scouts in the outlying systems yell on comms that he has found a carrier in an anomaly.
In fear that it might flee now that he is in system, he tackles it and hopes he can hold it until we arrive.
Sadly it had large neuts/smartbombs and managed to fend off our tackler before we got there.

Now, a smart individual would know that a few jumps away there are hundreds of more blood-thirsty enemies, and this lone one would have told his friends about the carrier.. so the smart guy would dock up.
We thought this was the case, but often in Providence there are plenty of the "not-so-smart-guy" category.

So our fleet held one system out and we sent in a neutral to try to scan him down and see if he were still in there..
Funny enough, when the neutral scout joined our fleet to go in there, someone in local warned everyone that he was a working for us!
It seems we had a spy in our fleet.
Funny, as Providence had accused -A- heavily on forums claiming meta-gaming and looking down their noses at spies and neutral informers.
So with the spy having tipped off the carrier we left and went back to 9UY and our camp..

However, after a while another neutral scout were sent off (not reported in fleet) to check if the carrier were really stupid enough to go back to the anomaly.
He was.
We were told by the FC to gather at the 49gate, as the carrier might get tackled.. "prepare to burn full speed"
And we did.
After making sure to stay out of his smartbombs there was naught else to to then grind him down.

We got him good.

The wreck of the once-mighty Thanatos.
Dead by the stupidity of its now-podded owner.

Such a waste.


  1. Bahahaha. You guys did a service for EVE by separating this idiot from his shiny toy. Good read also.

  2. Why oh why do only idiots get to have such shiny toys?? Albeit not for long.. ;)