Thursday, 1 July 2010

Python Recruits!

I thought it would be a good way to start up my writing again with a little help to my old corpmates.

The Python Cartel is recruiting!
Here is some info from Andrea Skye:

Python has been around for nearly 3 years now (including original python) and our current variation has been round for over a year and were still as hard as ever.

Few things about our corp:

- We smack.. alot. If you don't like smack, we definitely aren't for you.
- We prioritize fun over everything else. If your a serious player who wants to win 100% of the time and don't like fails... we again.. aren't for you.
- Regular ops commanded by mostly drunk Fleet commanders.
- Small to medium gang warfare. We hardly ever blob. Most gangs have <10
What we are looking for:

- Moar EU/AUS pilots. Prio on EU.
- Pilots with a sense of humour
- Able to use vent and a mic (mic isn't mandatory, but very very encouraged)
- Activity. Don't bother joining if you log on once a month
- Pilots with initiative. Not pilots who just expect everything done for them. Going out soloing or forming your own gangs is very very encouraged.
- A little experience will go a long way. But if your app is good, and you seem like a good fit, we are willing to show you the ropes.
- We don't have a set SP requirement. Alot of our best pilots have been rifter noobs. We judge a character on attitude and experience, not how many SPs they have.

All that I need to do now is provide a link! here it is:
I´d like to add that the Python Cartel was the most awesome corp that I has been a part of in ANY game.
They have competence, humor, teamspirit, great FCs, good leadership, and much much more.

When I left they had a lacking EU presence, and that is the reason I sought new hunting grounds, as it was a bit lonely during EU TZ, but as it looks like they have recruited some more EU players now, it may well be that Python is the most awesome corporation in new eden today!



  1. I enjoy Helicity's blog and started up a ganker for HG. I'm thinking about applying to this alliance, but I realize I'll likely get rejected due to inexperience. Well, unless my application exudes the awesomeness that is me, of course.

  2. Go for it I say!

    Nothing lost by applying, just try to be yourself. (if you are awesome as you say) ;)