Friday, 12 February 2010


Right, I was saying a while back that it would be interesting to compare all them bloggers for each side of the CvA/UK fights of the current war and see what they write about a single thing.
Now 9UY is a bigger victory in UKs eyes, but CvA did not fight back then, and I´ve found little posts from CvA about 9UY.. (guess they did not want that station anyway) :P
So I compiled all the articles and bloggings about the battle of D-GTMI I could find.
(Yes I know it was a while ago, but I been so busy with first the invasion of 9UY, then Sylph doing a goon and dropping sov in three systems, allowing us to CAPTURE J6QB!! -But they actually fought back this time, so there has been constant CTAs for a few days until yesterday.. Good times.

Anyway, here for your perusal are all the bloggers I could find writing about the D-GTMI fight.
(Feel free to send me additional ones I´ve missed.)
AAA/UK side:
Norses for Courses
Loaded Barrels
Ga´len the EvE Druid
EvE Monkey
A Mule in EvE
Bloodthirsty Miner (Fought for Provi but now anti CvA)
Captains Log

Bloggers for the CvA/Proviblob side:
Escape Velocity
Tul´s Space Stories
The Blackhand
Rettics Log
Fly along with me
Zamas Ramblings
Guns Ablaze
I must say personally I liked the IC reports/posts the most, being an old RPgamer.. Ga´lens was great.
But read em through and get yer own opinions ya lazy gits!

One thing I noticed that there were plenty of bloggers on each "side" not commentation on this particular subject, meaning there are plenty more bloggers out there!
-So if you are interested in the Provi/Catch area there are never a shortage of reading materials!

Fly baby fly.

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  1. Unfortunately I was not around for the fight (or lack thereof) to protect 9UY. Providence sure is a lot more interesting these days than it was last year.

  2. Awesome work mate and I'm glad you liked the stories!

  3. Up to date as well! When I read this on Rettic's blog, I thought for sure that either I wasn't going to be on the list, or be listed on the "wrong" side. But many props to you.

  4. Heh yes, I had some thoughts on how to place you, or have you in a neutral category :)

  5. Great roundup! I am wondering when the next landmark battle will hit.

  6. AM dropped Sov in 5 systems and we´ve been fighting over it the past day now :)

    Good news is CvA has got numbers again, but even though they are oft 3:1 we´re gaining ground!

  7. I was initially pro-CVA but have entered a nihilist/obliterationist phase and am now anti-both sides. More about that is coming soon at