Monday, 8 February 2010

Tonight we dock in 9UY!


No sorry, the station is now named UNITY -once again.

Here she is, back in Ushra´Khan hands again.

Busy cap-ships repairing the damage we sadly had to inflict upon her to regain control..

Now just to clean out the CvA stink and put our own stink in it!

To summarize.. We formed up early and made our way to 9UY to be in place first if CvA were to make a stand for the system (as this was the final timer, and they had not yet done so.)
The system was secured and no large enemy gangs were reported, only a 20man Paxton gang, but we felt it did not pose a large threat to our numbers.
So, the timer finally reached zero, no enemy in sight yet, so there was naught else to do then to shoot and claim the station!

I think I´ll print myself a bumpersticker to put on my ships:
"I was there at the UNITY station takeover, and all I got was a shuttlekill"

Random pictures to follow, now I´ll take a nap in our new station.


  1. Dont sit with Dreads in a cluster above a planet like that!
    Imagine how scared the population would be!!

  2. Congrats indeed, They were talking about CVA giving it back in the Podded Podcast, but apperently it had to be taken by force.

    Have a good night's rest ;)


    It's been a long time coming, I am happy to have been allowed the honor to stand, fight and bleed by Ushra'khan's side!


  4. Well Xer, they may aswell have given it to us, as no fights over it was had..
    Too bad, my guns are rusting!