Friday, 29 January 2010

What a warm welcome!

So I am back in space, after my trip abroad I wrote about last time..
Lots of things have transpired while I was gone, but thanks to my lovely Iphone I was able to follow events with Ushra´Khan and the war against CVA, the Goonies blundering with their wallets and whatnot..
(I admit I also forgot to pay my alt-corps hangar bill too once, but not much happens then.. unlike Goons) ;)

Right before I left (like an hour before I was due to leave) I went on a black ops roam I meant to write about, but there were so many newsposts to read over I never had the free time to write something up..
(also busy boozing and skiiing) ;)
Fortunately an alliance mate wrote about it HERE.
Was so damn fun, but it cost me some wife aggro.. apparently you are supposed to get ready the hours before departure on a long journey.. not play spaceships??!?!

Anyway, what is a more fitting return to space then this:

Thats right, we took the station in D-GTMI from CVA last night!
Epic fight, if abit one-sided..
Lag was not as bad as I feared, did not get any disconnects and even got off plenty of shots from my guns!
What CVA was doing in that fight is up for debate tho, and is being discussed on various forums, but I hope they learn some lessons and/or replace some FC´s ;)

Even as I stumbled off to bed from that fight last night, I took my Iphone and updated "" as I always do before turning in, and already there were posts aplenty about the fight. A good write-up HERE.
-This got me thinking tho, in this war there are plenty of bloggers on either side, and I got to think on how they would spin this newsbit individually..
I mean, some might write it from their side, or try to be alittle objective.. and then some just try to churn out propaganda. :)
So I´ll try to find all the different bloggers for each "side" of this and make a little list.. If you know of one related to UK, -A-, SYS-K etc/CVA then make a comment or send me a mail/pm.

So.. next time I´ll post the first issue of.... BLOGWARS!

Fly safely, use a podbelt!


  1. Thanks Mate. Wensley ( rifter drifter was on Ushr'khan...Wotlanker is another..Galen (wandering druid of tranq)and Kirith(inner sanctum of the ninevah) were on the CVA side

  2. I dont think galen is on CvA...