Sunday, 4 July 2010


Aaaand I am back in the trap.

The Alt-sickness has taken over me anew!
It started way back when my wife stopped playing and I started using her account for hauling and trading etc etc.. It was a comfortable, but sadly an extra montly fee.

A few months back I figured I could stop that account and manage with just the one.. but sadly EvE is kind of made for dual-boxing and I have alt-itis. (cant refrain from making more alts!)
So now I am back with two accounts.. and 6 characters to manage ;)

It does feel good in a way, now I feel I can get carriers and such, and not worrying about others providing cyno wherever I want to go.. also with PI you can get more toons cranking out PI goods everywhere!
If you dont know what PI means your not playing EvE..and this is an EvE blog, so I wont teach you what you should know! *shakesfist*

So Helicity Boson (old corpmate from Python, who is also behind HULKAGEDDON) shared his idea of having an alt fly off into wormhole space, and do his Planetary Interaction there.
So now I have settled three planets full of aliens, where I churn out goods from two, and uses the third to refine the P1 products further.(more planets to come when he skills up)

I am also making POS fuel for my research-POS from one character.. and my trading-alt is now making P4 things out of P3 things, just outside the tradehub.

The gears of industry be grinding!

"Idustry you say? I thought this was a PvP blog"
Well it has been slow in Providence lately.. not had time to attend the big things, but my corp has really become active and we´ve had some fun roams down into Delve and lowsec Amarr-space (where we are nbsi)
We also had a T1 cruiser tournament that I felt I did really well in.. until the finals where I encountered the Maller of Doooom!
Second place not bad though, had great fun.

Ooh and T2 Autos are 3days from completion \o/
I trained Arties first.. as we were using sniper-BS most at that time.. but as soon as I got em.. alliance went all RRBS all the time
(our RRBS minniefits uses autos) :)

Ooh, and I found the first sig I used for Yargok today!
Now go read how Python CRUSHES FACEPLANTE !

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