Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Upcoming writing contest!

Wow.. loads of projects at the moment!
Except for the silly "RL" game where I am busy with the new Puppy, I am also crafting the story in my head for the upcoming: Silver's Second Annual Fiction Contest
-Wich I intend to sign up for.. so look for the short story here soon!

In game I am out in a solo-cruise in a wormhole.. sneaking up on unsuspecting WH-dwellers in my special bomber-man ship ;-)
And I saw my first incursion last night with my PvE toon.. killed some random sansha in belts, but not sure how much good that did me.. could not find a fleet though, the channel was busy with folks "x-ing up" but never being accepted as it seemed..

Will try out "Minecraft" this weekend aswell, as if I did not have enough to do!
But I do enjoy the "treasure finding" part of games, like scanning down a Radar site or whatever, and finding lots of goodies.. so lets hope for diamonds right under my house!

Finally, I am working on a SOMER.blink post, in wich I try to "break" the game and find a safer way to play, but it has proven to be both costly and hard, as it is a really well done and thought out game.. in the house´s favor ofc.. ;-)


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