Monday, 25 February 2013

Space truckin

So I been back a little while, and trying to gather up my stockpile of ships and items all over the EvE-universe..
There were some exciting trips out to nullsec to gather some lost bombers etc, and some boring highsec truckin too.

But.. I had a big stockpile down in a highsec island (surrounded by lowsec) so I could not get that out so easily.. I mean battleships and other easy to catch targets.

Sure you can travel fit with cloak-mwd and avoid many camps, but I wanted to be smart about it.
And so I started scanning for wormholes in that highsec pocket, wormholes that leads to.. highsec!

I have seen those before (when not looking) and was hoping I would find one, and found one I did!

Oh the joy, it was even close to my new base of operations!
Not only did I skip having to haul past lowsec, but I saved 20+ highsec jumps off my journey!

Really should get a freighter, but that much cash could be spent on PvP instead.. :)

Now to get all cozy and look through my hoard, and sell off what I dont need, so that I am ready to move again when I find a corp to stay with.

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